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Step by step tutorial for addons making

Started by gauthier, July 13, 2010, 09:27:47 AM

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Finaly it's finished : you can find a complete addon creation tutorial here :

I can't pretend to have written a perfect thing, so if you see errors, some difficult things, please tell me that. I hope that now everyone who want can create addons !

The source files chapter of this tutorial can be used as a wiki, you can find some parameters or some graphical patterns you need.

This tutorial is basically written for pak128, if you want to see another paksets in this tutorial, give me the equivalant of each page of source files chapter for your pakset and I will create pages for it.

P.S : I translated this tutorial from French to English, I may have forgotten to remove some French parts from the English pages, if you see such parts tell me where.


Very good tutorial,
Now people don't have any excuse to don't know how to create addons ^^

Thanks Gauthier


You've done a great work!! It's a very detailed tutorial, with a different approach from the wiki. Maybe we could make a short version for the wiki.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


I don't know if a "short" version is very good thing to do, the advantage of this tutorial is its details. People who are already addon creators take informations they need on already existing sources like the German wiki.


Sorry, I used the wrong word. What I meant was that you've already used some parts of the oficial wiki in the tutorial (i.e. dat file sections), so would be redundant to add it to the wiki as it is now. You'll have duplicated information.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


I was looking for this many times and I was really frustrated, because nobody helps. It´s really amazing work, thanks.


you're welcome  ;)
If you have any question, don't hesit to send me a mail or a personal message. (if you send a mail, use an explicit title unless I would delete it).


Tutorial finally updated, mostly for half slopes. I also added some parts to the pixel-art tutorial.


[EN] Very good job, the truth is excellent, but not because I still have a little difficult to understand, even so you'll keep pouring forward and rereading seguire in advance thanks for this information, because every day is becoming more scarce and is almost impossible to find information related to the topic of creating addons. thank you very much soon ... {{added by Isaac via Google Translate}}

[ES] muy buen trabajo, la verdad esta excelente, pero no se porque aun me queda un poco dificil entenderlo, aun asi le seguire echando ganas y lo seguire releyendo, de antemano gracias por esta informacion, ya que dia a dia se esta volviendo mas escasa ya casi es imposible encontrar informacion relacionada con el tema de crear addons. muchas gracias hasta pronto...

Isaac Eiland-Hall

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Glad to see that my tutorial can help someone, it's nice to get feedback from it. :)
Let me know if you have any question about it, or if anything is not clear enough in the tutorial.