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This is driving me nuts: unnecessary_text 0center et all...

Started by IgorEliezer, August 15, 2010, 05:46:13 AM

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You know: 0center, 0extern, 0suburb, 1center........and Zsuburb are internal texts used to build up stop names automatically.

Today I expended 1 or 2 hours (my time is precious) to figure out how they work, and failed miserably. Since Portuguese language uses another syntax, I need to understand how they work, so I can give the stops names that make sense.

After trying by test-error method, the more I tried it, the more the things got messed up.

us (site down, do not visit) ]/image/show/EAnP4-qLAp/simscr01.png]

How they work? Could someone kindly explain it and give me some examples how the stop names are build up?

Your almost-freaked-out member, Igor. ;D


They consist of a string with two or three substrings

"%s%s" or "%s%s%s"

The space between the %s must be of course filled with something useful.

The first %s has the town name, the optional second either north/south... (in cases of three substrings) and the last the type of stop.

Testing this is made difficult, since simutrans try to make a unique name, at whatever costs. Thus, if you are in 0center and nothing matches, it will take one from 0suburb, then 0extern and finally resort to numbers. Thus if you have only one center translation, those for suburb are used. Do not try too much to test it, but rather follow the theoretical input from above.

Simutrans will try to compose a name out of them. If it matches an existing name, the next meaningful combinations is tried.

[factories and buildings win first for stop names, but this you probably figured already out.]