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[Guidelines] How to post a Bug Report

Started by Isaac Eiland-Hall, August 05, 2008, 08:20:54 PM

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Isaac Eiland-Hall

Bug Reports

To facilitate the easier processing of reports, here are some guidelines:

1: Post only bugs that weren't reported before.

Before you post, please browse the Bug Reports board to see if the bug has already been posted. Please consider that someone else might not have come up with a subject that explains the issue, so please consider taking a moment to browse topics that apply to a particular version, but aren't clear as to the bug.

2: Try to report just for the most recent nightly build of Simutrans.

Are you reporting a bug for the latest nightly build (as found in the Nightly build for Linux and Windows topic)? If not, chances are very strong that you should consider testing for the bug in the latest nightly build, or refraining from the report, for two reasons: 1) Part of the reason for releases is bug fixes, so the bug may be fixed in a subsequent version, and 2) Bugs aren't fixed for previous releases, only for subsequent releases.

3: Make topics with useful topic title.

Please make your subject useful so that others may find your report and refrain from duplicating it. (Guidelines for the usefulness of subjects may be found at item 3, for the Help Requests section).

If the report applies to a specific OS, nightly build of Simutrans, or pak,  PLEASE include that in subject line of the topic.
EXAMPLE BUG REPORT, GOOD: "r2150 Win pak64 - crash on deleting station"
NOTE: It doesn't hurt to include a specific nightly build number, even if the report applies to multiple versions - a mod can always remove it if needed, or edit it if it's a larger issue... Better to have too much information than not enough.

4: Post one bug per topic.

As bugs are solved, they are moved to the Solved Bug Reports board. Also, discussion that takes place should be related to a single bug.

5: Give appropriate details about bug.

Please give appropriate details in your description of the bug:

- Describe how to reproduce the bug, if possible

- Attach a saved game if relevant. If you are unable to attach the saved game, you can host your saved game in a file hosting service or at Simutrans File Sharing.

- Turn on logging by appending "-log 1" to run the game, then post the last few (~25) lines from "simu.log", if the bug involves a crash.

- Attach a screenshot if it would help explain the issue.

NOTE: If you have been referred to this thread by a mod note, and you feel you already gave enough information, then please accept my apology; apparently, I disagreed; but I do not claim to be infallible. On the other hand, if you could give a little extra info, it might not hurt. :-)

Note by IgorTekton: I edited Isaac's post by inserting his original text from the old forum with some modifications.

Note 2 by IgorTekton: Edited to make clear how to post a bug; and "latest version" meaning "nightly build".

Note by whoami: Changed link to file sharing site: now with English page.

Note by Dwachs: Removed link to mantisbt.