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[Guidelines] How to post an Extension Request
« on: October 05, 2008, 02:26:36 PM »
Extension Requests

To facilitate the easier processing of extension requests, here are some guidelines:

1: Extension requests are to extend the functionality of the base game engine, not for requesting things like buildings, ways (tracks, roads, etc.), vehicles (trains, trucks, ships, planes, etc.), or other game objects. (Obviously, requesting the game engine to *support* a type of object that doesn't exist is a valid extension request)

2: Before you post, please search/browse in Extension Request board and in Simutrans Forum Archive to make sure the idea hasn't already been suggested.

3: Please make your subject useful so that others may find your report and refrain from duplicating it. (Guidelines for the usefulness of subjects may be found at item 3, for the Help Requests section)

4: Please post one request per topic. This will enable sorting of the request to the appropriate board as needed.

5: Please be very very patient and very tolerant. Most requests involve hours - if not dozens or hundreds of hours - of the developers' time. They work on things they feel will make Simutrans better, weighted towards things they become interested in. But they also spend much of their time fixing bugs, and simply releasing new versions. Also, your request may not be within the realm of what Simutrans is intended to be; or, it may not be possible without re-writing the game engine from scratch. Thus, a small percentage of requests are actually implemented, but not for any unfair reason.

Credits to Issac for his original text.
- Igor

Note to New Members: if you are new in Simutrans Forum, I would recommend you to know Simutrans and the Forum Community very well firstly. You have to understand how Simutrans works and its goals before posting any "Extension Requests".


How to make a search in Simutrans Forum Archive

1) Open Google (

2) Type in search field:

Quote some_words_here_to_search_for

Obviously you won't type "some_words_here_to_search_for", but the words you want to search for.

3) Hit ENTER, or click on "Search" button.

4) Wait for search and you are done! ;)
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