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Thank you..!
« on: July 24, 2010, 06:18:22 PM »
Simutrans has been a refreshing relief after the following:

•   The SimCity franchise was brutally murdered by EA (after SimCity 4)
•   Cities XL noble attempt seems to have fallen short
•   Railroad Tycoon was ruined by the last installment called Railroads

Hours of time spent surfing the internet for a resolution to this dilemma brought me to Simutrans and after reading some of the forums and seeing the thought and effort put into this game I felt a sigh of relief come over me.

The game is challenging enough to keep game play interesting; making a profit, timing resource loads, amounts moved, etc.  I find myself constantly tweaking and going back trying new things again and again never worrying about driving towards the “end game”.  At any given time, I can have 7+ saved games as I’m trying new things and having to go back and tweak.  This game also allows me the opportunity to build a network that grows and has its own story, rather than having regions or outside rules/influences to have to cater to.

I love building the Train networks most, playing with timing the trains, signals, minimizing track and maximizing efficiency.

It’s great to think that an application developed in people’s homes, “for the love of the game” if you will, can outperform multi-million dollar corporation’s best attempts.  Serves them right for trying to take short cuts to make a profit…Viva the revolution..!

In other words, thank you.