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List of vehicles that stop at a station

Started by ansgar, July 30, 2010, 09:02:21 AM

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when selecting a station and selecting "Details", there is a list of lines that stop at this station.  As I often also have vehicles active that are not assigned to a line, it would be helpful to have them in a list as well.
Could there be a list of vehicles that stop at a station as well? It should only include those vehicles that are not assigned to a line.



Putting aside if this gets done, what you could do is even though there is only one convoy,
make line for every schedule as you can imagine. Although it is little a fuss but...


I generally do make a new line instead of a new schedule. It simplifies things when the line outgrows the vehicle.
But it would still be very useful to see which vehicles stop somewhere, especially when you have 50-60 vehicles going various places in a large metro area.
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this feature is implemented since revisino 3641 :)
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Very nice. Knightly++ for implementing this.
Now I just have to wait for the next official release (I know there are the nightly builds, but given that I maintain packages for Debian I feel I should use them as well ;) ).

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I just did a minute amount of testing, and I think this will be a very powerful addition. Cross-referencing of information is always helpful - this is no exception.