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Tutorials, guides and documentation for Simutrans
« on: October 20, 2008, 08:58:15 PM »
Tutorials, guides and documentation for Simutrans

Here you will find tutorials, guides and documentation that can help you to play Simutrans, and teach you how to develop new features to Simutrans, so-called add-ons.

 :arrow: Simutrans Wiki Manual
The official Simutrans Wiki Manual, with multi-language support.

 :arrow: Simutrans Reference Material (backup - olddated)
Useful guides and manuals for new players to start with and to help understand how Simutrans works. Saved on IgorEliezer's server. The original server/domain was shut down.

 :arrow: Simutrans In-Game Help Online
All help texts you find in game are available online for your browser.

 :arrow: Simutrans Tips
A homepage that contains tips, tutorials and downloads for Simutrans.

 :arrow: Simutrans Players Manual (this site is down)
A collection of howtos and articles the Simutrans Players Manual that will explain the game's background as well as giving short examples how to perform the most basic tasks in building transport networks in Simutrans (thanks Hajo).

Also we have a board for discussions about development of documentation, manuals and translations:
 :arrow: Documentation, manuals and translations board
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