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monorail <> maglev

Started by Frank, August 15, 2010, 02:14:35 PM

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In pak64 removed the old Monorail.

The texts are now mixed between monorail and maglev.

Solution 1:

Change the text and object name. Changing the base texts for the Monorail in pak64.

Solution 2:

Change the text and object name. Changing of monorail_track on maglev_track for objects and menu.

What do you think?


2) will break savegames ...


No, for changing train types will not work. For track their waytype is saved, same for depot and lines. Changing vehicles with wrong tracktype is not a good idea. (The only compatibility code was for monorail, since the old monorail was a track. But converting from monorail to other tracktype does not work.)


alternate option 3

all rename to monorail