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Modern City cars set

Started by vilvoh, September 02, 2010, 06:12:20 PM

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Some time ago, some people requested mor ecity cars, so here it is the first part of a large set of modern citycars. It includes VW Golf, VW Mini, TTx, Camaro, Hotte and Purple Thunder.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Preview of the second release of the citycar set which includes Bentley GT, Daitsu Evo, Ferrari DeTomasso, Ford GT, Opel Meriva, Mitsubishi Triton, Renault Kangoo Blue, Bluedrop and EV, Nash Haely 53 and VW Sirocco, Beatle blue and red... link to image.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Nice cars! You mixed the colors for Beetle red and blue :D
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The modern citycar set part two is ready for downloading.  ;D

PS: I know the Bentley GT might be out of scale...

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


super new modells for simutrans
great working vilvoh

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