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Vehicles in pak64

Started by sanna, September 19, 2010, 10:58:57 AM

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For my own benefit (and possibly for other's as well) I have started collating a pak64 vehicle roster, which includes also the depot tab under which the vehicle is found along with information about the power and the modifier (referred to as gear) by which the power is multiplied when calculating f ex acceleration: I have given this multiplied value for easier comparison.

I chose to add these values since I sometimes do not find the vehicle under the tab where I would expect it to be; and because I often am surprised by how useless/useful certain locos are for the task I try to put them to. I have the distinct impression that modifier values (gear) is missing on several locos, but without an overview I cannot pinpoint which ones.

I have barely started and a huge amount of vehicles of all types remain to be added - don't expect it to happen overnight! Of course, if anyone feels like adding more vehicles - it is a wiki! *smile*

The data may be found on