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Nightly build site discussion

Started by Colin, September 27, 2008, 05:48:53 AM

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Perhaps it's rejecting requests from non european countries due to server overload or similar.

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


As I know, there is no "IP-Blocking" .... I think it is an routing-Problem ...
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Quote from: wernieman on May 24, 2010, 03:00:47 PM
As I know, there is no "IP-Blocking" .... I think it is an routing-Problem ...
Unlikely.  Traceroutes from Japan and Germany have the same last hops.  I think somebody has banned "evil" IP subnets on the web server.

Who administrates the server? Maybe we should ask him.



Interestingly the japanese access via proxy worked too. Is this a dyn-dns address? Those propagate often not fast enough.


It is on a Server from Frank ... and it is not an dyn-dns ....
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As discussed elsewhere, Frank may not be able to do something about it, because not only his server is involved in the HTTP request (according to my understanding, err, guessing of the technical setup). The aforementioned advertisement in the error message might be from Frank's provider's webserver, same for the error message itself. @the people to whom the problem occurs: could you please post a screenshot and also the source code (put it in a block or an attachment to mask it) of the error page?

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Seems to be up and running (again?) to me.
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Since SVN revision 5899 and August 30th, the nightly builds for Windows (and only these) are broken. We are working on a solution, see r5899 nightly fails to start.
Revision 5898, which is still available for download, is the last working one.


Yep, I've tried r5908 Windows/GDI today, and it's broken. Too bad. D:


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For around four days, all the links to the archives (.zip and .7z) with the single executables (on the nightly download site, e.g. sim-winsdl.7z) have been broken - either the wrong archive will be presented for download, or an error message appears. But the complete archives ("incl. history and log as zip") work. This applies to Linux, Windows and Mac builds.

See also (German forum).


Yes ... I wrote to Frank, because I don´t find the Error :o(
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It Possible that the server from Frank have a defective has made the man only by long test can find.
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kagari has been empty for the past few hours. Is the server in maintenance?


Good Question ... but ...

at 31.01. (in 3 days) I stop the generation of simutrans-nightly.

The software (cross-compiler) on the server is to old and I have not the time to make an update
(for german speaker see in the german forum:

The openttd Team make it, see
The Versions:
The Latest:

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With OpenDNS, is blocked for phishing. :O
How the heck that worked... My ISP's DNS works fine, allowing me through to the empty site.

Why do OpenTTD build stuff for us? As nice as that is...
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You only get one of them, and you can't have it on a slope.


Because the could do it, there is an working CrossCompiler ... an I stop the doing ...

(Sorry, by english is not so good, to explain it)
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But... this is like every Airbus being delivered on the wings of a Boeing! :D

On a serious note, thanks Wernieman for providing us with that service while it lasted! Your site was much easier to navigate...

For those wanting to find the latest nightly Simutrans binary:

1) Go here:
2) Click on the latest successful build (the #xxx next to the green tick) [on this page, the highest number commit will give you the r#### version]
3) Click the "Artifacts" tab
4) Click on the "Simutrans Bundle" of your required binary (i.e. Linux or Windows). This gives you a .zip containing everything but a pakset.

The OpenTTD Windows bundles are missing .dlls, just paste these next to the Simutrans.exe:
pthreadGC2.dll Copy this from another Simutrans install.
Life is like a Simutrans transformer:

You only get one of them, and you can't have it on a slope.


I should have everything I need to set up nightly builds for Linux and Windows (haven't actually tried putting the pieces together), but I got nowhere to publish them. I have never tried cross-compiling for Mac, as I can't test the result.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Quote from: wernieman on January 28, 2015, 09:00:57 PM
I stop the doing ...

Thank you for all the work you put in on it. It is very much appreciated.

Quote from: Ters on January 29, 2015, 05:43:59 AM
I got nowhere to publish them.

Would you like a subdomain to publish to? The server can definitely handle it. :)


The OpenTTD built farm can easily have upload. It is not active because of a missing domain for saving. (The german forum does not have scp or sftp access, so I could not set it up there.)


I have some problems cross-compiling bzip2 for Windows at the moment, and SDL might be even more tricky. So it's no wonder wernieman got worn out. Before that, there were some problems just compiling the cross-compiler.


The MAC crosscompile is the issue.


I find binutils-apple and gcc-apple packages for my system, but there is no documentation to be found.


On my gentoo-Server, windows and unix was "easy", but I need 1 year (realtime) to get MAC running.

But ... my (home) Gentoo Server will go out, he need to mucht time ... and this Time I need for my Familie and the other Hobbys  :D . And ... I must update Mac, because more than 1 year (real time) I do nothing to update it.  :-[

Thank you, für your appreciation  :) (I hope, I use the right word and you understand)

And it was not easy to go this way to say "good by nightlys"  :-X . Since 2007? (it must me or longer, but I don't find a Dokumentation) I make this Service for you ... but ...... it is not easy to explain.

(Sorry for my english  :D )
I hope you understand my English


Thank you very much for providing the nightlies over all those years. You helped me to so many hours of enjoyable and relaxing play of simutrans.

Herzlichen Dank dafuer, dass due die Nightlies ueber so viele Jahre bereitgestellt hast. Du hast so mir zu so vielen frohen und entspannenen Stunden Simutrans verholfen.



I think my english is better than the "google Translator"  ;D
I hope you understand my English


Quote from: wernieman on February 03, 2015, 03:12:08 PM
I think my english is better than the "google Translator"  ;D

Rest assured that it is. Unlike Google's, your mistakes make sense.


Well, would Isaac set up a nightly download area? It needs to be accessible with sftp. I may also need to run a script that only the last two version are available or so.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I'll send you a PM with details, Prissi. Server supports SFTP natively, thankfully. :)

Set up with 5GB space, can easily expand if needed, plenty of space on the server.


OK, I got more instructions on how to proceed:

Omg, I totally forgot I was working on this. You really should poke me on IRC from time to time; my attention-span tends to be very short :D Sorry about that.

So I gather that the Windows build is running fine otherwise? I will replace the lib this weekend, then we can see if that works fine.

For OpenTTD we upload the binaries via sftp, with a public key. Now I always have to think hard which key we use .. I think it is:

If you can make an account for uploading with that key as access. If you then can give me the sftp address (so user, host, port, and path), I will make it automatically upload to your SFTP. Please disable password logins for that account.

The upload-script creates a directory per nightly, puts a changelog.txt in there (with the SVN changelog of the last N days), a release.txt (with the date of the build), and for every binary the binary itself, together with the md5sum, sha1sum and sha256sum (as they were on the build machine). If you want any other file (or less files), do let me know. For OpenTTD nightlies we for example also upload a readme.txt. For an example, please see:

For OpenTTD after the upload we also call a script on the remote server to inform the upload was done. If you have any of such script let me know, and we can also give it a poke after upload. (we update for example, but it can be any script doing what ever you feel useful :) )

I will also see if I can poke a Mac user to get me a libbz2. So far I have been unlucky, but I haven't really followed up on it. Otherwise I will dust off my old Mac laptop, see what he can produce for me.

Did you try if the revision of the Windows build is how it should be btw?

Guess it is almost there then :) If there is anything else, don't hesitate to ask; anything is possible!

Will get back to you this weekend when I fixed up the Windows build, so you can test if it really works now etc :)

With kind regards,

Patric "TrueBrain" Stout
SysOp OpenTTD
So we are almost there.

But it begs the question: Is there anyone with enough scripting knowledge how to cobble together a simple site offering the last version? My own web-scripting knowledge is more or less still static HTML ...


QuoteBut it begs the question: Is there anyone with enough scripting knowledge how to cobble together a simple site offering the last version?
You will be surprised how little of that you get taught at further education. Writing programs on ARM embedded systems, easy. Setting up a massive data base system, also easy. Programming up an application for a smart phone, cake. Write a simple web page, uh...

Surely the scripts for the previous nightly site could be recycled? Especially as far as layout that would save time I imagine, even if the file generation process is quite different.