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Nightly build site discussion

Started by Colin, September 27, 2008, 05:48:53 AM

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I found an issue with downloading the latest windows nightly.
The exe-only download doesn't work at all, while the full-package-link returns a zip file with a size of 0 bytes.
Manually typing in the latest revision to a download link results in a 0 byte file as well.

The site works just fine for older builds => I can always play the second latest nightly.


That must be fixed on, because I can only trigger an update from my side. An_dz coded this in my memory.


Is it true that the nightly builds are available via Andarix account on github as the links on all say Not Available and have done for a year and a half


I have restored functionality for

The previous approach relied on a service that is no longer available. I had to re-implement it, fetching the builds from GitHub instead. Because of this, the functionality to check for failed builds has been lost.

I have also hidden the button to download only the executable, as that wasn't working either.

For web admins: I had created a git repository to keep track of changes, since I had to discard a lot of code that is no longer in use.


Thank you.

Somehow the windows built is incomplete as it has no pakset downloader. Strangely the built does not fail despite this. Fixed, but the NSIS file was broken too ...