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Strings missing in SimuTransLator

Started by z9999, October 26, 2008, 01:49:18 PM

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When a depot is empty after dispatching a vehicle: "keine Fahrzeuge"


Indeed the correct text is "Keine Einzelfahrzeuge im Depot"


Quote from: prissi on January 11, 2022, 01:08:28 PM
Indeed the correct text is "Keine Einzelfahrzeuge im Depot"

I think no

this text is in depot list, I think
and bottom in depot
QuoteKeine Einzelfahrzeuge im Depot
Keine Fahrzeuge im Depot

in game line 1049
labels[LB_CNV_COUNT]->buf().append(translator::translate("keine Fahrzeuge"));


In revision 9000 the text was also only "Keine Einzelfahrzeuge im Depot" "1 Einzelfahrzeug im Depot" and "%d Einzelfahrzeuge im Depot"


Toolbar position: is missing from the simutlanslator, I think.



1) When doing a non-valid merging of stops, a tooltip appears with the text: "Das Feld gehoert". The full text seems to be "Das Feld gehoert\neinem anderen Spieler\n" (which is in SImutranslator), but it is not translated, neither it is shown fully anyway because of the line jumps (so this probably needs to be moved to a new string?).

2) "Too far away to merge stations!"
3) "Revert schedule"
4) "Revert to original schedule"
5) "Invert stops"
6) "Mirrors order of stops"
7) "Enter intervall in days, hours minutes" (NOTE the typo and the improvable time formatting with a ":" between hours and minutes)


There are lots of strings with typos in translator, but since it has not been entered, lets correct it a little.

"Too far away to merge stations!" is in the translator, the rest I added. Thank you.


Quote from: prissi on July 16, 2022, 09:32:05 PM"Too far away to merge stations!" is in the translator

I've searched it again, but I have not been able to find it... Could you provide a link to it?


Strange, I did not find it either, but I saw it before. It is an error_text.

Anyway, I created it again, but got the message Object already existing. Now it is visible though ...