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Simutrans Logos

Started by An_dz, September 12, 2010, 05:37:42 AM

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Just bumping to let everybody know that all logos are now under Artistic License 2.0.


I'm using the new mac logo for the simutrans g+ community page. Looks excellent there. Here's an impression:

perhaps i'll revisit it later and reduce size a little more, such that the tip of the tree doesn't prortude into the text.


Quote from: An_dz on February 28, 2012, 01:33:11 PM

I like this excellent logo very much. One request and one remark:

Do you think this could be used as a non pak CS specific, general logo for simutrans? Means without the CS signee and the coat of arms. Perhaps with different train colour, perhaps with the same.

Question is also directed at the CS maintainers, since they might not like the their 'brand' logo watered down by other simutrans parts.

If yes it'd be quite nice to re-work this as a logo for the simutrans g+ page. The recent one is not too recognizeable as a small icon and as large 200^2 pix logo it lacks a bit in detail.

Remark, just a tiny detail. The tree seems to stand on the tracks, since it is behind the train, but in front of the catenary.

@mods, sorry for double posting, i thought it would be confusing to put it into the last post too.


I'm not a maintainer so I won't say anything to other uses of this logo. Just that the engine appears to be too long (bad perspective). And the front pantograph collides visually with the electrification pole. For the colors, if used as non CS specific, I would suggest original green-yellow colors that gave this engine one of its nicknames - banana. See pictures here:


since the image would need to be square, reducing the length of the locomotive would be welcome. I looked at the 'banana' livery too, and liked it, it is a bit unusual.


Well, it is not unusual for Czechoslovakia. Many czechoslovak electric engines built for 3kV DC used to have similar livery during 1970-80's and many of them still have it. E.g.


'unusual' was not a good choice of words, it's a colour scheme that stands out and is not very often seen on the net today.

I like it, i think i've seen it in czech children films likely made in the 70s or early 80s. (CS made some of the best children films/series when i was a child [Pan Tau, Chobotnice z II. patra, Krtek, etc])


Nice designs. Using the squared SVG logo for openSUSE desktop menus now.


Pak192.comic goes quite the different way with it's new logo. Still, it fit's the bill :)

Big Version.

Fitting 256x256