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[New release] Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.7

Started by jamespetts, December 06, 2010, 01:14:18 AM

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A new version of the preview and testing version of the Simutrans-Experimental version of Pak128.Britain is now available: download it here. This is a complete pakset and should be installed in its own directory. It is only compatible with Simutrans-Experimental (version 8.0 and higher) - the normal Pak128.Britain should be used with Simutrans-Standard.

This is a preliminary version meant for testing and evaluation, although it should balance better with Simutrans-Experimental than the standard Pak128.Britain. Although testing on balance has not been completed, a great deal of work has been done on balancing this set since version 0.6, so the balance should work considerably better: it should play quite differently  (and, hopefully, better) in a number of significant respects. Not all of the Simutrans-Experimental features are implemented yet (although I am planning to implement them all in due course).

Here is a list of the features supported by this release of Pak128.Britain-Ex:

  • Comfort
  • Loading times
  • Catering
  • Upgrading
  • Way constraints
  • Reversing
  • Air resistance values
  • Tilting trains
  • Overcrowding (now complete)
  • Industry obsolescence
  • Industry upgrading
  • Weight limits
  • Tractive effort
  • Traction types in depots

See here for a more detailed description of the work outstanding and so far completed, and also for information on how to get involved in contributing to the project and obtaining the sources.

Changes from 0.6 include:

CHANGE: Re-calibrate electricity consumption
FIX: LYR EMU's running costs were too low.
FIX: LYR EMU's running costs were too low.
CHANGE: Add air resistance values where appropriate.
CODE: Changed all instances of "waytype=schiene_tram" to "waytype=tram_track"
CHANGE: Refine road vehicle retirement dates
CHANGE: Recalibrate tram retirement dates for Simutrans-Experimental 8.0 and later
CHANGE: Resynchronise insane differentials in running costs between some vehciles.
ADD: New graphics for shops (from Standard)
ADD: Headquarters and 1750s shops (from Standard)
ADD: GWR Hawksworth county plus a couple of modifications
ADD: More industry graphics (from Standard)
FIX: Object names for merchant navy and west country locos
ADD: More of Archon's city buildings (from Standard)
FIX: Canal/river upgrade issues (from Standard)
CODE: Eliminate spurious differences from standard (Neroden)
FIX: Increased power of traction engines, which were underpowered.
CHANGE: Updated skins to the latest version to take advantage of recent GUI changes to the code.
FIX: The GNR 6-wheel first can now properly couple to mail vehciles.
FIX: The A3 tender has the correct introduction and retirement dates
FIX: Inconsistent introduction and retirement dates of LNER Coronation carriages
FIX: Tram horses can now be used in multiple
FIX: DC overhead electrification now available at the same time as the first DC overhead electric locomotive
CHANGE: Increase power on early sailing ships and barges so that they can run at rated speed while full.  (Many ran at 0 km/h before.)
CHANGE: Reduce min_bonus_max_distance to 4 from 10 to increase the effect of speed
CHANGE: Increase factory spacing from 8 to 24 to avoid excessive industry clustering
CHANGE: Modified the retirement dates of electric trams
CHANGE: The Brush tram cars can now upgrade to an unpowered trailer for the Progress twin sets.
FIX: Add brake van requirement for 20t long goods wagon of 1937.
CHANGE: Updated retirement ages (and, in some cases, weights) of all vehicles so as to work better with the new obsolescence system in Simutrans-Experimental 8.0 and later.
CHANGE: Increase tram track maximum weight from 38t to 40t
ADD: BR 5MT (currently shares graphics with the LMS Black 5)
ADD: GWR 517 class (shares graphics with the GWR 1400 class)
ADD: MR 2441 class
CHANGE: LMS 3F is now black (red graphic used by MR 2441 class)
CHANGE: GWR Bulldog has lower power and top speed
ADD: Source files for "Aero" skin
ADD: BR Class 456
CHANGE: Added settings to in preparation for the latest version of Simutrans (both Standard and Experimental), which requires this
FIX: Class 315 had incorrect coupling constraints
FIX: LSWR N-15 tender had incorrect coupling constraints
CHANGE: Remove the retirement date of the Royal Mail 325
FIX: Re-comment the gear factor in the GWR Hall class and the LMS Fowler 3P
CHANGE: Attempt to re-align the BR Class 456 graphics.
ADD: BR Class 150 "Sprinter" DMU
ADD: BR Class 455 EMU
ADD: BR Class 317 EMU
FIX: Graphical alignment for BR Class 456 EMU
FIX: Miscellaneous seating and power settings for various EMUs
FIX: Coupling constraints for Mk. III based DMUs
CHANGE: Reduced costs of horse drawn vehicles
ADD: Staging inn and staging post (for the time being, re-using existing graphics)
CHANGE: Reduced the cost of early 'bus stops
ADD: Dedicated images for the concrete road, tarmac road and motorway
FIX: 'Bus stop names did not use the word "stop".
FIX: Introduction date for the trolleybus depot
ADD: S-Type single decker
CHANGE: Rebalance (greatly reduce) 'bus and trolleybus running costs.
FIX: Add missing way images.
ADD: Overcrowded capacity for passenger road vehicles
ADD: Overcrowded capacity for all trams
CHANGE: Introduce the tarmac road earlier and increase its weight limit
CHANGE: Introduce the asphalt road later.
ADD: Overcrowded capacity for all passenger rail vehicles
CHANGE: Some rail vehicles are given more accurate names
FIX: Inaccurate road vehicle weights (thanks to AEO for spotting this)
FIX: LMS Stanier TPO coupling constraints (error reported by AEO)
CHANGE: Increase passenger factor to 20
CHANGE: Increased maximum speed of the clerestory carriages to 145km/h (suggested by AEO)
ADD: London taxi (Volvo)
ADD: Polcie car (Volvo)
FIX: English translation for Maglev depot
ADD: Overcrowded capacity for Maglev passenger trains
CHANGE: Used AP's new demo.sve (adapted for Experimental)
FIX: Constraints for horse-drawn carriages.
CHANGE: Key "i" now opens the settings dialogue; "n" is reserved for the network dialogue.
CHANGE: Allow faster growth of towns
CHANGE: Increase the cost of altering land
CHANGE: Revert bits per month to 18 from 20 - 20 makes time progress too slowly for an enjoyable game.
CHANGE: Use correct information for the seating capacity for the LYR EMU
CHANGE: Horse-drawn road and rail vehicles have their maximum speed increased from 15 km/h to 18 km/h
FIX: Inconsistent weights on some roads goods vehicles
FIX: Incorrect graphics for rear vehicle of the BR Class 317 and 455 EMUs.
CHANGE: Set bits per month to 19
CHANGE: Set city isolation factor to 32
CHANGE: Increase maximum alternative destinations from 3 to 7
CHANGE: Reduce growth speed of towns
CHANGE: Add settings for factory worker and tourist passenger percentages to
CHANGE: Reduce the local and mid-range routing chances
CHANGE: Increase factory spacing
CHANGE: Increase the maximum number of towns for factory workers
CHANGE: Reduce the default number of rivers on map creation
CHANGE: Double the default maximum river length.
CHANGE: Correct 'bus speed limits
FIX: Brick platform overall roof images
FIX: LNER A1/3 image
CHANGE: Add snow crossing image
FIX: Crossing images
CHANGE: Add new types of crossing
ADD: Volvo 240 estate (from Standard)
ADD: Two-door version of the Volvo Olympian
ADD: New boats (from Standard)
CHANGE: Increase tolerance range for journey times.
CHANGE: Increase maximum weight for light wooden sleeper, steel rail track from 61t to 62t.
CHANGE: Add comfort and loading time values for the new ships.
FIX: Image error with the police car
FIX: Translation error for the Thorneycroft Q Articulated trailer (cars)
CHANGE: Set loading times for road goods vehicles to sane and consistent values
ADD: Concrete elevated railway viaduct (currently sharing the graphics with the brick elevated railway viaduct).

Any feedback on this pakset variant (especially relating to the gameplay balance) would be very much welcome.
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