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Author Topic: feedback report on 0.7.1  (Read 2541 times)

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feedback report on 0.7.1
« on: December 20, 2010, 03:47:24 AM »
after i found two bugs and they are gone - now to playing

i started experimenting and found few bugs - minor bugs which could go in 0.7.2 version

there some towns with no houses or one house - i am not sure why they appeared its should have few houses

cobblestone road - still has limit cause i got warning in demo sav which you can refer to my previous report in that demo sav there some cobblestones road which bus got stuck with no route icon appearing

colours on frames of menus keep changing colors for example i open menus with red bars but when i close one of them - the colour changes from red to brown or etc - i am not sure cause previous version didn't change the colours randomly (not sure if its simutrans exp bug)

now suggestions

in 1830 there was normal bus stop and staging post on menu - its should show staging post only cause both have same image

make no route icons more clear - what was wrong with the vehicle for example tram stuck with no route icon appearing - i could supply ideas
power symbol with slash in middle (flashing) means line has no power wires
weight symbol with track/road at bottom - means track weight is too low eg bus with 9T but road weight is 8t
broken track/road - with two rails apart symbol or road end symbol for road version means the track or road is not complete when vehicle tries to reach the station or stop
congested road symbol this appears if vehicle stuck for more than few minutes eg near busy stop (only applies to roads only)
for trains/trams - the symbol will show the signal is red with ! next to this alerts player to check the there isn't train got stuck if train stuck for more than few minutes
but different version of this - without ! next to signal means just waiting for line be cleared
stop/station not reachable with slash in middle means vehicle can't reach stop for reason if road is complete and connected - usually happens for example: player placed one way street and bus can't return to that if only way to that stop its will show can't reach the stop

ferries - there will be a stop not reachable - a pier with slash in middle meaning the ferries can't reach pier if there hills or low bridges in way
air - there will be airport not reachable symbol same as ferries if taxiway or runway is broken - not complete

when in depot when you try to depart the vehicle the pop up window will show what the problem
eg road incomplete or no power or any such problems making easier to find the problem

so i will write more later

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Re: feedback report on 0.7.1
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2010, 05:42:12 AM »
Guessing why there is no route will only eat CPU time -- we will need do pathfinding several times.
In short we need:
1) know 'selected convoy';
2) some kind of flag in weg_t;
3) set it (too heavy/speed limit/etc) in pathfinding algorithm;
4) highlight tiles with flag (Just like like 'b' do).

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Re: feedback report on 0.7.1
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2010, 09:19:35 AM »
Many of these issues are not specific to Pak128.Britain-Ex. Changing the routefinding algorithm to check why a convoy cannot reach its route would be highly complicated to program and would substantially increase computational effort; nonetheless, there is already a system that will give an indication that the weight is too high for a route in at least some cases.

The changing of the title bar colour is deliberate, and is also in Standard; it is there to show which window has focus. The towns with few buildings are caused by non-optimal settings in the city generation dialogue; you should increase the median population size of towns.

As to the staging post and 'bus stop, they only share a graphic because nobody has yet had time to give the staging post a dedicated graphic. The demo.sve issue with the cobblestone road comes from the fact that that particular demo.sve comes from Simutrans-Standard in which there is no weight limit.

Thank you for your feedback, however; let me know your experiences and enjoy playing!