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pak in German and all cities called 'simcity'???!!

Started by DeadSimple365, December 19, 2010, 11:27:33 PM

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I open simutrans and half the pak is german and all the cities are called 'simcity'???!! HELP!! :o ??? :P :-[

The Hood

'fraid I can't help much given what you've told me...

What game and pak version?  Certainly this is not normal behaviour.


Basically, i had a bit of trouble downloading Simutrans, as I didn't know how. I figured out how to and i downloaded pack 128-britain. I opened it and half the words were in german and it was really laggy and not much loaded up.

Game version: 102.2.2


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The Hood

You are missing translations from the game executable not the pak - these should come in the zip file you downloaded with simutrans exe in...


How do i tell if i have them? what are they called? How do i download them?

The Hood

If you downloaded the exe from the normal places (e.g. the folder contains a subfolder called text.  All the translations are in there.