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Author Topic: [9.0][Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.7.1] Power station disappeared without a replacement  (Read 1513 times)

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I started a game from 1920 with timeline turned on. In 1937 the only power station on map disappeared.
Saved game after the event:
Saved game before:

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Industries are dynamical now, factories are abandoned and dissapear and others are newly founded. It's not unlikely new will appear.


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But should not there be enough power stations to meet the electricity demand?

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VK is right - there is a bug here, which I have now fixed: the fix will be released with the next version. Industries are indeed supposed to close down when they become obsolete and new ones open in their stead; there is code specifically designed to check when there are not enough power stations and open new power stations in particular when this occurs. This is supposed to happen just after the code that checks whether any industries should be shut down has executed. Unfortunately, this code in 9.0 (and previous versions) contained a bug that miscalculated when new power stations are necessary. That will be fixed in 9.1. In the meantime, I suggest, as a workaround, that you switch to the public service player (SHIFT+P) and build a new power station in place of the old one.

Thank you very much for your report!

Edit: Incidentally, be careful of the AEC Q2 'bus in Wells - that type of 'bus is slow and somewhat underpowered, and it's holding up the faster AEC Regent ST behind it, so that they always (perhaps realistically!) come in as a pair after passengers have been waiting a while. Consider withdrawing the Q2, putting it on a route of its own, or using the new convoy spacing feature to run the AEC Regent ST to the same somewhat more relaxed timetable as the AEC Q2 without bunching.
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