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[New vehicles] Steam locomotives

Started by jamespetts, December 31, 2010, 02:35:01 PM

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The Hood

James, whenever I try to find out about MR loco classes the class numbers seem to differ from the ones you give. It seems there was some fluidity in their use as to what consitituted a class or sub-class. Could you please give me a description of each loco you've added (if possible including the previous MR locos) with wheel arrangement and typical use (express, secondary etc) so I can balance them approrpiately for standard? Thanks


Certainly. You are right about the fluidity of class numbers: the class numbers were simply based on the number given to the first locomotive of the type built. Very often, a locomotive of broadly the same sort was built for many years and incremental changes were made to the design of the new ones built during that time, without any formal consideration of what precisely constituted a new "class". All of the locomotives that I have added here fall into that category.

What I have added is essentially a set of 4-2-2s and a set of 4-4-0s, in both cases different points in the evolution of a single design. They are all express passenger locomotives.

Starting with the 4-4-2s, we have, in chronological order:
the 25 Class;
the 115 Class ("Spinner"); and
the 2601 Class.

Information on the various types of 4-4-2s can be found here, whilst technical details are found here (the class number is not given for the 25 Class).

Moving onto the 4-4-0s, we have, in chronological order:
the 1327 Class;
the 1738 Class; and
the 2203 Class.

We already had classes called the 1738 Class and 2203 Class; the 2203 Class has not changed in principle (but I have recalibrated it a little); the 1738 Class, however, was previously intended to be a representation of both the 1327 Class and the 1738 Class, and I have separated the two so that what is now the 1738 Class does not become underpowered in the later years, but is replaced by a more modern locomotive with more power. Details on the classes of 4-4-0s can be found here (that excludes the later and more powerful 4-4-0s), and techincal information, as before, can be found  here. Oddly, that website refers to a "1740" class, which must in fact be the 1738 Class. Similarly, it calls what I have called the 2203 Class the 2183 Class.

The main difference between the 4-4-0s and the 4-2-2s in this era appears to have been that the 4-4-0s had more tractive effort, whereas the 4-4-2s were capable of higher speeds with any given load. Quite how that can be replicated in Standard I do not know.  There also seems to have been quite a rapid development of locomotive power in the last years of the 19th century and early years of the 20th century - even before superheating was used: for example, the 2203 class of 1893 (a 4-4-0) has a lower power and the same tractive effort than the 2601 class of 1900.

You write that you would also like me to give some information as to some previous Midland locomotives - which other locomotives would you like me to describe? Would it help for you to see my steam locomotives physics balancing spreadsheet, which is here? Is what I have described here sufficient for your purposes? I hope that this is helpful.
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I have now added the Lord Nelson class (I have produced my own .dat file) and the multiple liveries for the other locomotives here, as well as retrospectively adding the BR blue livery for the LNER A1/3 and A4 for which The Hood had previously made graphics but for which I had not set up the livery schemes, to the Experimental Github repository.

To add the Lord Nelson class required that I fixed the graphics of the olive green version: a fixed version can be found in my Github repository.

Would it be possible to have .blends of these for future reference?
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