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Dominating city growth

Started by isidoro, August 30, 2008, 03:16:32 AM

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I didn't like how the cities grew over my roads and industries and would like to decide where they build new buildings.  With later versions of Simutrans it is possible.  I did this:

I went to the pak directory and inside it, made a backup copy of, just in case I want to get the default behavior back.

Then, I edited the file (pak64, r1972):

  • Changed renovation_percentage=12 with renovation_percentage=8, so that cities spread more
  • Put a comment character (#) at the beginning of all lines starting with house_ or road_

I inserted these lines before the first house_ line I have commented out (notice the spaces and dots):

house_1 = ..... .sSS. .snS. .shS. .....
house_1.chance = -2

house_2 = ..... .SSs. .Sns. .Shs. .....
house_2.chance = -2

house_3 = ..... SsS.. hsn.. SsS.. .....
house_3.chance = -2

I saved the file and run simutrans.  With these changes, you get:

  • Cities will only build new buildings on straight streets with previous buildings, and up to the next corner
  • Cities can also build new buildings in front of an existing one
  • When founding a new city, you have to make the first street with the public service player and perhaps, put a first building on it

With this, you decide where the city will expand.  If you have a straight road and don't want the city to invade it, just make a "fake cross" like the one in the picture.  The city will not trespass.


Sounds interesting, I'll give it a try.