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[New release] Pak128.Britain-Ex 0.8

Started by jamespetts, March 13, 2011, 02:01:16 AM

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An updated and expanded version of the preview and testing version of the Simutrans-Experimental version of Pak128.Britain is now available: download it here. This is a complete pakset and should be installed in its own directory. It is only compatible with Simutrans-Experimental (version 9.0 and higher) - the normal Pak128.Britain should be used with Simutrans-Standard.

This is a preliminary version meant for testing and evaluation, although it should balance better with Simutrans-Experimental than the standard Pak128.Britain. This is a fairly substantial update, with a goodly number of new rail vehicles, new industries (and the existing industries rebalanced), a number of bug fixes, the first few aircraft, better adjusted passenger settings, and some miscellany. Here is a full list of changes since 0.7.1:

FIX: Correct translations for the 4-COR catering vehicles
CHANGE: More accurate power and tractive effort for many electric railway locomotives and units.
FIX: Ensure that trailer vehicles in electric units appear in the "electric units" not "passenger carraiges" page.
CHANGE: Reduce speed limit of the District Railway EMUs to 40mph to match real operational speeds
CHANGE: Set comfort levels of the Volvo Olympian 'bus to sane levels
CHANGE: Increase comfort of the Dennis Enviro400 'bus, as, having ridden on it, it really is very comfortable.
ADD: Victorian school (from Standard)
ADD: Optare Alero (from Standard)
FIX: Correct translation texts for the SR 2-BIL
CHANGE: Increase tractive effort for the Wessex Electrics
ADD: SR (Bullied) 4-SUB EMU
CHANGE: Brng the retirement date of the LMS class 502 forward to match the introduction date of the 2-HAP
CHANGE: Increase the cost of the LMS class 502
CHANGE: Allow the LSWR carriages to be upgraded to the LSWR EMU and the 3-SUB types
CHANGE: Allow the 2-HAPs to be upgraded from LSWR EMUs and SR 3-SUBs
ADD: Snow images for pavements (from Standard)
CHANGE: Increased the overcrowded capacity of the BR Class 150, 313 and 315
FIX: Corrected the position of the powered units on the class 315 and 313 (the pantograph unit is unpowered on both)
CHANGE: Increase the comfort rating for the BR Class 317 EMU
ADD: BR Class 507 EMU
ADD: BR Class 315/316 2/4-EPB EMU
ADD: Missing .dat files for the 3-SUB and LSWR EMUs
ADD: Concrete elevated viaduct (currently without independent graphics)
ADD: BR Class 321 EMU
CHANGE: Increase the tractive effort of the LSWR EMU and 3-SUB
ADD: BR Class 307 EMU
ADD: "Desiro" class 450 and 444 EMUs
ADD: Graphics for the dual voltage version of the class 375
ADD: SR 6-Pan
CHANGE: Updated tractive effort values for EMUs and DEMUs
FIX: Extra space after "Wooden Trestle Rail Bridge"
ADD: Translation texts for the "Desiro" EMUs
CHANGE: Make city road available to players and increase its cost.
CHANGE: Increase the maximum weight on the standard wooden sleeper steel railway track to 69t
FIX: Some articulated lorries had far too little power
CHANGE: London Underground/Metropolitan Railway rolling stock speed limits reduced
CHANGE: Class 313 EMU now retires in 1991
CHANGE: BR Mk. 1 GUV now cannot be at the end of a train (use the Mk. I BG)
CHANGE: Many 4- and 6-wheel railway carriages of the 19th century can now be built well into the early years of the 20th century, as they often were in reality.
CHANGE: The GWR Autocoach now retires in 1954 instead of 1952 and has a slightly higher level of comfort
FIX: Errors in the L&YR EMU graphics
FIX: The tender for the "Princess Coronation" class retired before the locomotive did.
CHANGE: Reduced number of alternative destinations from 7 to 5.
CHANGE: Reduced town growth rates
ADD: SR Augmentation trailers for the 3-Sub units
CHANGE: Slightly increase the comfort of the BR 4E-PB and SR 4-SUB units
CHANGE: Correct coupling constraints of BR Mk. I and II carriages
FIX: The running cost of the GWR 517 class was an order of magnitude out of line with others.
CHANGE: Slightly revise comfort and loading times of the GWR toplight corridoors.
CHANGE: Revise the comfort and loading times of the GWR express carriages
ADD: LBSCR "Balloon" carriages
ADD: LBSCR bogie suburban vehicles and bogie non-corridor lavatory vehicles
ADD: LBSCR D1 class steam locomotive
ADD: LMS 2P class steam locomotive
ADD: LSWR corridor carriages
ADD: LSWR "Ironclad" corridor carriages
CHANGE: Modify the colour of the LSWR N15 class to the correct shade of green.
REVERT: The SR N15 now has the same shade of green as Pak128.Britain-Standard.
ADD: MR 1833 class
ADD: Dedicated graphics for the buffet vehicles in the 4-Buf set
CHANGE: Introduction and retirement dates for the LBSCR 4-wheelers
CHANGE: Increase the capacity for the LBSCR 4-wheelers
CHANGE: Reduce the weight of the LBSCR B1 "Gladstone" class
CHANGE: Increase the retirement date of the LMS 4F
ADD: LMS 4P class (compound, based on the MR 1000 class)
CHANGE: Add tractive effort value and correct the weight and maximum speed for the LSWR M7 class
CHANGE: Change the introduction date of the LSWR compartment stock
ADD: MR 483 class
FIX: SR 4-COR could not assemble properly
ADD: New image for the early brick rail viaduct (Lord Vetinari)
ADD: New images for the plateway (Inkelyad)
FIX: Incorrect retirement date for the BR 4MT tank
CHANGE: GWR Autocoach can no longer be coupled to another autocoach (or else, autotrains of unlimited length become possible) but can now be coupled to the front as well as the back of the locomotive.
ADD: LMS 2P 0-4-4T
ADD: LMS 4P 2-6-4T
ADD: MR non-corridors
ADD: LMS non-corridors
FIX: MR Class 1833 graphics were not scaled correctly
FIX: SR 4-BUF and 4-RES catering vehicles did not show the proper aspect on both elevations
ADD: Push-pull versions of the MR/LMS 0-6-0Ts, the LMS 3P 2-6-2T and the BR Standard 2MT 2-6-2T
ADD: Class 357 EMU
ADD: Non-streamlined LMS "Princess Coronation" class
ADD: LMS open brake
ADD: LMS and MR push-pull vehicles
CHANGE: Reduce the overcrowded capacity of some early 'buses.
CHANGE: Correct the seated capacity and weight of the AEC Renown LT and AEC Standard STL
CHANGE: Correct the maximum speed of the B-type 'buses
CHANGE: Correct the seated capacity of the garden seat type omnibus
CHANGE: Correct the seated capacity of the knifeboard omnibus
CHANGE: Correct the seated capacity of the original single-deck horse omnibus, and require it to be hauled by at least two horses.
CHANGE: Correct the overcrowded (outside) seating capacity of the stagecoach
CHANGE: Set a sane retirement date for the Metropolitan bogie coach.
CHANGE: Set a sane retirement date for the Metropolitan dreadnought coach.
FIX: Artefacts in the L&YR EMU graphics (The Hood)
CHANGE: Add tractive effort for the LBSCR L class
CHANGE: Correct introduction date for the LBSCR B1 class
CHANGE: Reduce the overcrowded capacity of the single deck tram trailer
CHANGE: Correct the capacity and introduction date of the two deck tram trailer.
ADD: Three new boats (from Standard)
ADD: Three new ships (from Standard)
FIX: Crossing bug and add snow image (from Standard)
ADD: Snow images for pavement (from Standard)
ADD: Optare Alero (Mattw62)
CHANGE: Raise power further for Maudslay Van and Yorkshire Steam Tank to make them usable (Neroden)
CHANGE: Balance the power of selected pre-1890 steam locomotives according to real-world performance data
CHANGE: Require all steam era coaching stock to have a brake at the front and rear
ADD: LNWR "Precedent" class (recycling graphics of the "Jumbo" class)
CHANGE: Corrected retirement dates of clerestory carriages and GWR toplight carriages
CHANGE: Correct weights of 4- and 6-wheeler coaches.
FIX: Correct the weight of Ford Transit vans
FIX: Correct references to the names of the BR Mk. I restaurant cars
CHANGE: Balanced the power of the 4p/4mt steam locomotives (may have to be adjusted as the locomotive wieght was incorrectly taken into account in summing the load/train weight)
CHANGE: Reduce passenger factor to 16 from 20
CHANGE: Slightly tighten journey time tolerances.
CHANGE: Slightly increase the proportion of local passengers
CHANGE: Increase forest boundary blur form 15 to 16.
FIX: Incorrect introduction dates of steam and electric tram depots
ADD: Symbols for pause, fast forward, network mode and timeline enabled (Timothy)
FIX: Translation text for the 1945 hardware shop
FIX: Corrected maximum speed for the LBSCR 4-wheel carriage
FIX: Missing overcrowded capacities for teh LNER Gresely express carriage and MR Clerestory brake
FIX: Brake wagons should no longer appear as locomotives
FIX: Graphical troubles with the early brick viaduct
CHANGE: Increase factory spacing to 48
CHANGE: Increase the maximum years before an industry must close down from 40 to 45
CHANGE: Add the new used_vehicle_reduction setting, and enable it.
CHANGE: Industry re-balancing according to AEO's spreadsheet (with some modifications)
CHANGE: Add the electricity percentage to
FIX: Remove duplicate industry colours.
FIX: Incorrect payload for the Leyland G and Morris FG cooled goods vans
REVERT: "L" key now builds powerlines, as before, and does not bring up the climates dialogue as in the previous version
CHANGE: Citycar level now set to 11
CHANGE: Macadam road replaces the cobblestone road as the default intercity road between 1825 and 1902
FIX: Grain farms in later eras would build so many fields that they could not be reached.
FIX: Use correct graphics for newsagents in later eras.
FIX: MakeALL.mos now configured for Simutrans-Experimental
FIX: Control tower's ground tile did not appear properly
FIX: Incorrect introduction date for the loading bay
TRANSLATIONS: Update Swedish and Japanese translations
FIX: Coupling constraints for the BR Class 150
CHANGE: Add tractive effort values for the Blue Pullman
FIX: Coupling constraints for the Mk. III Restaurant Buffet
FIX: Retirement date for the Planet tender (which is shared with the Lion)
CHANGE: Increase the cost and maximum weight of city roads
CHANGE: Railways now have improved snow images (all but the high-speed rail have the same snow image: courtesy of The Hood from Standard)
CHANGE: Improved concrete road graphic (from Standard/The Hood)
ADD: New crossing graphics (from Standard/The Hood)
ADD: Translation texts for multiple languages
ADD: Citylists for multiple languages
ADD: Various aircraft in the Airbus A320 series (from Standard/Giuseppe)
ADD: Modern graphic for breweries
ADD: Graphic for gas power station
ADD: 'Bus stop with post box (from Standard)
ADD: A320 Thompson Airways (Giuseppe)
CHANGE: Remove all retirement dates of 2050
ADD: Library (Archon)
ADD: Small parks (WLindley)
ADD: Stone church (WLindley)
CHANGE: Congestion density factor increased from 9 to 15
CHANGE: Citycar life reduced from 4160 to 2500
ADD: Snow images for many industries (The Hood)
ADD: Market
CHANGE: Regress introduction dates for earlier shops, given availability of the market.
ADD: Unique graphic for the gas fired power station
ADD: Gasworks
CHANGE: Oil rig now enables passengers and mail.
ADD: Swan Inn (Archon)
ADD: BR Class 50
ADD: Early fitted goods and cooled goods wagons
CHANGE: Unfitted freight wagons are now restricted to 50km/h
CHANGE: Remove retirement dates on freight wagons that have no successors
CHANGE: Increase the cost of fitted freight wagons
CHANGE: Increased the range and reduced the production values of smaller shops to increase the ratio of shops to factories
ADD: Cannery
ADD: Grocers and convenience shops (W Lindley)
ADD: Fish & chip shops (W Lindley)
ADD: BAE 146 (Giuseppe)

The following features are supported by this release of Pak128.Britain-Ex:

  • Comfort
  • Loading times
  • Catering
  • Upgrading
  • Way constraints
  • Reversing
  • Air resistance values
  • Tilting trains
  • Overcrowding (now complete)
  • Industry obsolescence
  • Industry upgrading
  • Weight limits
  • Tractive effort
  • Traction types in depots

See here for a more detailed description of the work outstanding and so far completed, and also for information on how to get involved in contributing to the project and obtaining the sources.

Any feedback on this pakset variant (especially relating to the gameplay balance) would be very much welcome. This topic is locked, as it is intended to serve as an announcement: please post bug reports and feedback/suggestions in separate threads, one for each bug/topic.
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