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Started by prissi, January 24, 2011, 11:43:37 PM

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The pak64 japan is back after major overhaul. Since some content is just freeware, other is GPL and other is only released for FreeTrain, SImutrans etc. I cannot host them in the sourceforge SVN.

Here is the binary (for 102.3 nightlies):

And the sources:

It is also now available on simutranslator. (However, some buildings were only uploaded without imges).


Now partly available in the SVN on sourceforge. However, since I cannot draw, I need a logo for it ...

THus I would be very grateful for any suggestions. (The most simple one is probably the simutrans logo in red. But I am not sure yet.)


Anyway, next pre-release:

Some early ferries, trams, and good trucks are still missing. Otherwise passenger/mail balancing is done.


Are the sources of pak64.Japan still available to download anywhere? The above link appears to be broken.


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Ah, many thanks. I'm not too good at navigating Sourceforge, so didn't find those.


Hello Carl
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