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Highways in pak 64

Started by Bub, January 29, 2011, 11:09:18 PM

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Dear Simutrans team, I have simutrans, pak 64 and it is awesome, but in the next version of pak 64 could you please add a highway tool to the road tools. Thank you for your help,



No; but you can use japanese highway from here:

(And please perhaps you should think about your way of introduction as first message.)


Thanks prissi, but where can I download the highway addon?


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Looks like this is the only elevated way set, since it and only it comes up in every thread I find about elevated roads for pak64, except one set I found in the archive forum that was little more than a todo list. But how does it integrate with with pak64? The look of the roads appears different. Will it completely replace the pak64 roads, or will it become a mishmash of roads from both?


There are also normal roads; and pak64 will never add elevated roads. pak64.japan will, as those are much much more common there.


I can see from the graphics that there are normal roads too. What I was asking is whether or not these roads will completely replace those present in default pak64. It won't help if I always use roads from this road pak if the towns keep building roads using other graphics. There is also a question of balancing, not that money matters after 10 game years.

I'm not really after elevated roads, but one of two other things:
1. Curved and diagonal bridges. These do exist in Europe, which I believe is what pak64 is based on. I can fake curved bridges somewhat using bridge to vertical cliff, but I get some ugly fence graphics across the road/railway half the time.
2. Roads through cities without frequent junctions that don't get degraded to 50 km/h city streets.

There is also the problem that trees and buildings sometimes grow through bridges. I'm not sure if elevated roads suffer from that too. At least this is just a visual problem.


the zip file seems to be corrupted...


     I have now moved onto pak 128.britain, so how do I get elevated highways?