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What will be the next (pak 64) version of Simutrans

Started by Bub, February 02, 2011, 09:40:06 PM

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     I have Simutrans 102.2.2 and when  I open up the game, I says something about February  2009. Whatever it means, eg. pak completion date, pak begin date, pak release date, etc. Whatever the February 2009 thing means, I think that has to do something with important dates in Simutrans development. February 2009 was a while ago and I was just wondering when the next pak 64 version of Simutrans will be released and what the number will be so I can look out for the release date. Thanks.



The next Simutrans version has a feature that needed a long and serious rewrite of the code: multiplayer possiblity on a central server. There is a also a lengthy test period needed.

But the main developer (prissi) had high hopes for new stable release in the (very) near future. Which would be awesome of course.
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