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Started by Frank, October 23, 2008, 11:26:37 PM

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- Open Simutranslator
- Click on "Search Objects and Texts"
- Choose "Help Files" in the first dropdown
- Click "List Objects" button
- Click on one of the listed items
- Look for the edit box for ID (Indonesian) and type
- Click the Save button right below this text area


all set maintainter

please adjust the settings of their sets with respect to open source, link to the sources and license

so this is correct can be seen on the website 'Set Info'

for non-existent licenses they share with me please the name and the link to the description
I will add then added so that they are available


On April 1st 2016 all accounts whose last login were before January 1st 2013 will be disabled.

Mod note: Made the message clearer


Ìs actually anyone still around who knows how Simutranslator works and can maintain the code as Simutrans advances and/or add new features?

There are several new features which probably mess up the part about uploading images - most of all Dat-Shortening, but potentially Alpha-Channel, and that considered patch about case-sensitivity ( would cause problems too, since it tells people not to care about case sensitivity anymore.
Furthermore, SimuTranslator shows the dat-file and you can even edit the values and save them. It seems a lot as if SimuTranslator was once intended to not only have a language database, but also save all dats and images. Add an export-button or even a 'create pakset'-button and you'd have a genius tool for maintaining a pakset. Except, of course, for it's low speed.

So is there anyone still around who can operate on SimuTranslator and is willing to add new features if needed/requested and would be allowed to do it? Or is it just some ten-year-old software that you can use as-is, but no more?


The simutranslator will just ignore any image it does not find, but still import the entry. Also it usually only imports (0,0), to save some space internally. It has limitations both in files size and running CPU time, hence it might not be able to upload large graphics.

The generate pakset function is not planned, as it would be very CPU heavy and also it maintains closed paksets. Also I think a proper revisiong system is better for working on a pakset than a database.

Although, I admid a simutranslator that pulls its data regularily from the divers SVNs would be nice to have ... But I think this would require fundamental changes, and until somebody want to invest very much in terms of programming time (and maybe also money for hosting such large files), that will never happen.

And Frankp pays for the server for a long time, and he can (and did) add features and fix bugs. Like the help file preview, the suggestion function and many other stuff.


How does one get an account on the SimuTranslator?
All I see if the "Contact" form. I've filled it out twice - most recently > 12 months ago now with no response. The promised automated response was never seen either... (Yes I checked spam and trash where such messages sometimes go.)


There were and apparently with some mail providers delivery problems.


for set admins

The object browser now creates a txt file containing all objects in a set.

Data is the type of the object, the object name, and the note entry.


add object type squirrel_text

for texts that belong to squirrel

scriptet ai error messages and so on


new for registered users

In the settings you can now specify the order of the enabled languages when editing objects.

This mainly concerns setadmins, which have all languages.

The option reaches so far unfortunately only after a relog.


Just wondering will simutranslate getting easier when we use a "Text Repos" like github or sourceforge xD
Like this one
I know the site have Complex Feature needed for translating but how about some quick translate xD

Thanks you

SIMUTRANS INDONESIA WEBSITE  <<< Indonesia Simutrans Addons Center And Web


github or sourceforge do no syntax checks

all manual edit files contain a lot of errors

a good example is:

maybe you cant see the errors, but just this is the problem

Edit: no good example anymore. I have correct the file.


Do you plan to import pak128 translation files into SimuTranslator? I noticed many translations are missing.


Yes, the translator is currently under great renovation and will have the new files soon (or already have them).


How can I register in the SimuTranslator?
If you are now in progress to prepare the update and fix the automatic mail system, I would wait for it...


Zou can send me an email and I can register zou. You need to supply a username and a password, at least, together with the languages zou want to translate too.


Thank you, prissi. I sent you a private message in this forum.
Please add me in Simutranslator :)

captain crunch

Quote from: prissi on February 12, 2018, 12:43:16 PM
Zou can send me an email and I can register zou. You need to supply a username and a password, at least, together with the languages zou want to translate too.
To qwertz or to qwerty,
that is the question. ;-)


I have a japanese and a german keyboard, which swapped Z and Y. And the keys to swap the encoding are next to windows and left and right of the tiny space bar on the japanese keyboard. Entering text blindly cause this frequently. Very sorry.

More on topic: User registration was probably brocken since the provider updated the python without announcement two weeks ago. Please be patient.


Dear uci and Phystam
I have created the user uci and Phystam in the Simu Translator suite.
Remember the user-id is case sensitive. Look in your PM.
The first thing you should do: change you password to your own password.


Quote from: uci on February 10, 2018, 09:25:58 PM
Do you plan to import pak128 translation files into SimuTranslator? I noticed many translations are missing.
I have upload the pak128 from the SVN. Objects and Translation.
Translation are not overwritten if different, they are loaded as suggestions.

Someone should work on the suggestions.


I want to join the SimuTranslator.
Would you create my account, please?


Quote from: HyperSim on February 23, 2018, 06:14:37 PM
I want to join the SimuTranslator.
Would you create my account, please?
Look at your PM


Quote from: uci on February 24, 2018, 08:21:05 AM
I cannot edit Base Texts, is this intended?
"Base texts" are locked by Frankp and prissi, I don't know, if the problems solved or continue. If we can reopen, or not.


I would also like to edit the base texts, can I?
Although Japanese translation has almost been done by z9999, however some translations are missing so far.


I agree with Phystam.
However, I started editting the base texts without any declarations.
Should I announce what I would translate before starting?


If unsure on a certain item, or this the text of z9999 needs replacement, then feel free to use suggestions too (at least for basic). I usally scan through them, and while my japanese fomulation skills are not very good, I can read it well enough to see if it make sense in basics context.


I tried to login to the simutranslator site, however I cannot access it due to 503 error.
Can anyone fix this problem?


The server is currently offline because the English privacy statement is missing.

English primary, other languages secondary,18187.0.html german


I am afraid that I only know a few words of German, so will not be able to translate your draft, but I can help to draw a personal data notice (as the English translation of the GDPR calls what is commonly called a "privacy notice") in English if you would like.
Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


It is very inconvenient for us since recently some new texts are added for Simutrans-Extended.
How can I translate without simutranslator?


It is still there, but zou need the direct https link.


the change affects Set Maintainter and Comaintainter

You can now create text objects directly in the Translator.

There you can also enter translations directly.
Either the languages of the language order setting are displayed or English at the moment.

Language order setting

further changes to the Object Guide and Edit page

Object Guide

Text Edit page


RSS-Feed page added

the change affects Set Maintainter and Comaintainter

you can set the grafics show for user