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SimuTranslator site

Started by Frank, October 23, 2008, 11:26:37 PM

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can some one give me full [REMOVED] detail about Simu translator site

Mod note: spam link added by edit removed.~IgorEliezer


Quote from: Damari on September 26, 2018, 02:18:05 PMcan some one give me full detail about Simu translator site

What do you want to know?



Quote from: Ters on September 28, 2018, 05:49:13 AM
Apparently everything.

Everything is very extensive for which my English is not enough.

An updated/new help is planned (tends to be in the wiki).


Since nobody can or wants to explain, I try it with my bad English.

The SimuTranslator is a database that can be used to translate program texts and object names from Simutrans/Simutrans-Extended. Furthermore, the InGame help and scenarios can be translated. Some websites and the program Tilecutter (probably not now) have been translated. And the SimuTranslator itself can also be translated there.

Originally, the SimuTranslator 2004 was created by a group of people around Napik (then set maintainter of pak128). Since October 2008 I host and care for the code.

Main page is Search Objects & Texts. This page can be used to search for objects as well as translations. I can not say how up-to-date these object lists and the translations are, since most sets ignore the maintenance in the translator. For the maintenance of a set the time a maximum of 3 users are possible. These users must be familiar with the respective set and have access to its sources.

Via the export page the existing translations for the respective sets can be downloaded.

In order to help with the translations they do not have to be registered. You can also enter text suggestions unannounced. These must then be checked and accepted by registered users.

To stay up-to-date you can subscribe to the translator's RSS feed.


The login at the translator on is disabled.

The reason is that there are 2 publicly available translators. In order to avoid confusion and different databases, this step is necessary from my point of view.

I will not comment further.


One would assume that makes the other instance at the new default translator.


Great job Leartin, when do you take over the rulers in Europe?


The "other" translator is hardly the official one. At the moment there is not even a regular backup running, and the nightly server and many other pak sets assume that the translator is elsewhere.

Further comments at a later stage.


That statement is all that's needed so nobody would have any wrong assumptions.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

Please note that Frank has asked me to delete his account. For various reasons, I have not completely honoured his request - I prefer not to remove accounts. But I have changed his password, membergroup, and email address so that he cannot log in unless he requests those changed again. I do not know of his presence on our other Simutrans forums. I am sorry that this has happened. :(


Download Simutrans-Extended.

Want to help with development? See here for things to do for coding, and here for information on how to make graphics/objects.

Follow Simutrans-Extended on Facebook.


Frank has given the Translator code to makie for internal use. makie did a lot of rewriting, however communication was not great between them. The pak128.german homepage contained a link to this new translator, but it was not intended to replace the current one. But the existence of this link was the spark which eventually triggered the departure of Frank from both forums.

Thus the future translator is apparently now at

However, this one is still under development, since it was not really intended to become official. Moreover, alls script assume still the old explorer. (Also the full export is currently reworked.) The database of the makie translator is not the current one, so there may be recently added users missing.

I apologize for the confusion.


QuoteFrank has given the Translator code to makie for internal use.
This is not the truth. Frank gave the Translator code for distribute addition historical information for the pak128.german to the player.
You can see here: (sorry a lot of german text)
I did not remove the Code, for doing Translations, because i hope he take back the complete code and than the Translator do all the new things.
Some weeks ago he changed his mind and speaks form cooperation and help developing the Translator, speaks form test installation for internal use. He speak not to me, he speak so to prissi. He say nothing comes back from giving the code, but it seams, it was too much.
I think, he decided some weeks ago for him self, not take back any code for a Information System or historical information. He did not say anything, but starts doing a lot of changes on his code.  .... ... Ok i can talk a lot more about. If someone is interested in more details then please ask.

But think. It is not possible distribute addition historical information to the player with a internal use Server.


To conclude, for further translation, please go to


My user account is now disabled on makie simutranslator.
Can I edit translations again?


I found a typing miss at . Please fix it.
Line 1:
>This Page in: Deutsch 日本の Español

Pease correct typo: 日本の --> 日本語


I have to use google translate, and i know, sometimes the translation is poor.


To makie,
Will you add my account at SimuTranslator site?
I would like to translate documents into Japanese and fix Japanese translation.

By the way, is there a plan to add Japanese pages at ? Japanese translation are already finished last month. Thank you.


Quote from: Green on October 11, 2021, 02:46:24 AMBy the way, is there a plan to add Japanese pages at ? Japanese translation are already finished last month. Thank you.
I am sorry this is not my domain.

For the SimuTranslator site i will send you a pm.


Quote from: Green on October 11, 2021, 02:46:24 AM
By the way, is there a plan to add Japanese pages at ? Japanese translation are already finished last month. Thank you.

contact An_dz


Thank you.
I am now trying to get in touch with An_dz. Maybe he is not active here since August 02, 2021.


To Green,

Thank you for translating Pak128.german to Japanese

Release 2.1 will contain this.  :)


Is there still a reason to keep this topic sticky when the true information is on page 6 only? Also the other sticky topics don't bring the necessary/wanted information in a short or without a lot of discussion from long ago.