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SMSC February 2011 Edition: Disastrous traffic jams

Started by vilvoh, February 02, 2011, 07:34:38 PM

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Welcome to a new edition of the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest. The February's topic is Disastrous traffic jams, therefore show your congested networks and cities. You can use track o road vehicles.


  • Only one picture per user
  • Picture max size: 800x600
  • Available picture formats: png or jpg
  • Topic:Disastrous traffic jams
  • You may use any pakset you want
  • Zoom is allowed.
  • Please include a short description and mention the pak you've used.
  • You can upload the picture to an image hosting service like imgur, or photobucket and then post link to the image here.
  • The nomination period ends at 16rd February. Then, we'll make a poll to decide the winner(s)


A mention at Simutrans Hall of Fame, compliments by the community and one post including your picture in the official blog.

Have fun!

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Traffic jams, now that's a nice topic.

But can you explain these two remarks:

Quoteshow your congested networks and cities
QuoteMax of 2 buildings appearing

My cities are usually larger  :) . Something left from the last Contest...  ;D
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I think vilvoh just copied january's contest and he forgot to remove it.


An_dz is right, Combuijs. It was late, I was asleep, you know... :::)

Now, show your candidates!

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


 Too many trucks, not enough highway!
 This will actually clear itself out, usually caused by truck extending into     intersection at traffic lights.
 Pak128 nightly4239 customized with lots of addons


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...


Not that disastrous. I was there just 1 hour ago. ;D

Can I participate in? :>



Queue behind trolleybus ... and post truck, of course
Pak: 128
Pak version: Nightly 1148
Visible addons: unfinished railway track made by me, Pak128.CS addons ... and some various from
Picture size: 800*600 (additionaly resized to 600*450 inside img tag)

Uploaded on in my gallery.

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sdog: Check my calculations please, but I think he could be somewhere around pak4388775413, assuming copper as a reference ;D /offtopic

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I post this one, unless I have time to make a better one.

Title: Single Tube Tunnel
Description: Most Alpine Tunnels have only one tube, so, for safety reason, most heavy trucks need to travel well distanced. The traffic light allows one through only when there is safety distance with the one in front.




As the main route connecting the city of Murao (capital) and metropolitan city of pyrite, also taking the high road to the main airport serving the metropolitan area, daily congestion, creating a horrible traffic for drivers of cars. Even if passengers do not escape this horrible traffic, because the main bus terminal is there, connecting neighborhoods throughout the east.

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pak: 64
This is from an actual game I played. On the lower right corner is the regional bus station that serves the town of Oldby on the east side of the river and the town of Walville on the west side. As building a railway between the other bus stations was still not profitable, there was a lot of traffic on the streets. The jam is caused by an unlucky herd of sheep.

Uploaded with


Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...