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Citycar variety

Started by Ozor Mox, October 24, 2008, 03:51:20 PM

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Ozor Mox

Firstly I just want to say that Simutrans 100.0 is incredible, I've been playing non-stop for the last few days!

I'm using Pak64 and I know there is a much smaller number of citycars than for Pak128 (eight to be precise), and I remember reading a post by prissi on them where he said that, assuming you start at 1930, by 2000 there will be eight different types. However, this doesn't seem to be correct, as the old ones stop appearing when a certain date is reached. The game I started in 1986 had six of the eight types, but by 2010 or so the only ones left are the motorbike, ambulance and red pickup. Is there anyway I can get all of them to appear for the sake of variety? I know they do if I turn off the timeline, but I don't really want all vehicles to be available straight away.


You could get the respective sources, modify the dates to your liking and use your own version of them.

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Ozor Mox

Useful info there, thanks. That shows me that by 2020 plus whatever the citycar life is set to, the only cars left will be the pickup and ambulance since they have no retire date  :-\ Seems like an odd decision not to just let all citycars exist, since there isn't that many to choose from.

Your suggestion would solve the problem, but I was hoping for a rather more simple solution that doesn't require compiling things into pak files (if I'm wrong tell me!)

I guess it will be easier to just turn the timeline off.


No there's no other way. Either change sources and rePAK them or turn timeline off (which IMHO is simply a too far reaching measure just to get a bigger variety of city cars. They're not that important after all - compared to what else is triggered by doing that....)
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there are new city cars in pak.japan
they are 3 of them
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