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Purpose of rampShipStop (Boat Ramp)?

Started by MagnusA, March 24, 2011, 08:57:08 AM

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I am playing ST 110.0.1 with the matching pak64 pakset, mainly in the 1930s. Apologies if this has been answerred before but I can't find it in this forum.

What is the purpose of the harbour stop rampShipStop (Boat Ramp)? It has no freight enabled, neither passengers, mail nor other freight, and it is not possible to build it together with the usual quays (making a nice ramp down to the quay).

On the other hand, no harbour at this time is mail enabled. Is rampShipStop the missing mail enabled ship stop? There are mail boats, but no mail ship stop. Is adding post offices to the harbours the only way to get mail overseas?



Yes, mail offices is the only way. This is the same as for train stations or airplanes.

THe ramp is mostly for compatibility reasons and for design.


Thank you! What a fast response!

Quote from: prissi on March 24, 2011, 09:22:44 AM
THe ramp is mostly for compatibility reasons and for design.

OK, then I can safely ignore that menu button.  :)

Is there any reason to keep rampShipStop visible at all in the menu? I mean, it seems quite meaningless to build new ones. They do add capacity to an existing dock (I think), but it looks quite silly to have a short ramp into the air above the water. :)


The ramp is useful for expanding stops across slopes. ;)
You can also put a mail truck stop on the station instead of a postal extension building.
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