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Clean-up patch for pak64 (updated)

Started by MagnusA, March 27, 2011, 08:20:08 AM

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When I extracted data from the pak64 dat files to csv files (in this topic) I discovered some typos and missing parameters.

Attached is a patch/diff file to be included in the official dat files (if you want to). This is the first time I have created a patch file but I hope I did it right. It was made with Turtoise SVN against the current pak64 version (r442?).

Changes made:

  • Typo lenght -> length for vehicle BR39
  • Typo distribution_weight -> DistributionWeight for palm trees from TTDX replacement set.
  • Missing explicit parameter pax_level for factories Autohaus, Oelpumpe and Moebelhaus. -> Explicitly set to 12 (the default value).

EDIT: Another diff file added fixing also (replacing the previous diff file)

  • Missing explicit parameter Outputfactor[0] for factory 3Raffinerie -> Explicitly set to 100 (the default value).

EDIT: Removed the first diff file (#2 covers all proposed changes)


Thank you very much. I think this is a very useful outcome of your script.


Quote from: prissi on March 27, 2011, 07:46:30 PM
Thank you very much. I think this is a very useful outcome of your script.

Thank you!

For the parameters I made explicit other values might be better, but I tried to not disturb the current pak balance as I don't know the thoughts behind the selected values. An exception was the distribution weight for the palm trees, where the stated values were different from the implicit default value (3 for trees). I believe more palm trees will appear from now on.