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SRGC - Compass

Started by Leartin, January 23, 2016, 07:59:05 PM

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It should rather be an SIGC, seeing how irregular it actually is. Anyway...

As some of you might have noticed, there is a new functionality in the latest stable release: The compass, which is quite helpful in regards to map rotation. Since this is a very new element, quite a few paksets might lack them yet. At the same time, compasses are universal, so any compass can be used in any pakset, regardless of pak size. Perfect for a contest, don't you agree? Of course you do!

We will end this contest on February the 22nd

The Rules:

  • Who can enter the contest?
    Anyone, multiple times, even if not registered on, who read, understood and agreed to these rules.
  • What do I have to do?
    Create an image that fits the topic of the contest. In this case, a compass. How exactly a compass works is described below.
  • Where do I post my creation?
    Right here. No secrecy this time, it works just like an SMSC.
  • Will my picture become part of the pak?
    Nobody knows. But if you create a good-looking compass, and there is a pakset that does not yet have a compass, why wouldn't they adapt yours?
  • How do I win?
    After the nomination period, we'll start a voting on The image with the most votes is the winner.
  • What about the licence?
    Pick one:CC0, CC-BY 3.0 or newer, CC-BY-SA 3.0 or newer. In addition, it would be very nice of you to allow any pakset to use your compass, even if the license does not fit (eg. CC-BY-SA & Artistic License)

Attached are sample images made by myself, which could act as inspiration, as well as a fitting dat-file.
Note: My compass looks up for north. Game logic says the top-right is north. Both versions are okay.

Image[0]=> compass.0.0
Image[1]=> compass.0.1
Image[2]=> compass.0.2
Image[3]=> compass.0.3
Image[0]=> compass.0.8
Image[1]=> compass.0.9
Image[2]=> compass.0.10
Image[3]=> compass.0.11
Image[4]=> compass.0.4
Image[5]=> compass.0.5
Image[6]=> compass.0.6
Image[7]=> compass.0.7


Here is my compass. I made it for pak128.CS few weeks ago, when I first read that such thing is possible. So it is very basic. It works as overlay over the rotate button, which i modified too. The orange colour is chosen to match other pak128.CS buttons (pause, fast forward, help).

But please what is the bigger compass (name=CompassIso) for? I loaded it as addon, and cannot see it anywhere in the game.

Update compassISO added - this time truly isometric


The bigger compass shows up in a corner of the screen (not the map), but the standard settings don't use it. Go in the settings at the start of the game, and you can choose the compass-map-position and the compass-screen-position, which changes the edge/corner on which the compass appears. I'm not sure which number is which position, but with 13 you get it in the upper right corner.

Also, for your small compass, keep in mind that you can change the minimap to isometric as well, in which case the same compass as in the menu will be used. Maybe it's better to have all 8 directions looking the same ;)


OK, I got it. It seems like a bitmap field: lower two bits are vertical position: 00 off, 01 top, 10 middle, 11 bottom; uppper two bits are horizontal: 00 off, 01 left, 10, middle, 11 right. Combinations with 00 show usually the same as if 01 was there, except for all zeros. So the values are:
0 - no compass
5,6,7 - left side - top, mid, bottom
9,10,11 - middle - top, mid (centre of map/screen), bottom
13,14,15 - right side - top, mid, bottom

Ok, I'll make the big one and modify my post.

For the small compass - I had to do the black circle, because otherwise the compass jumped closer and further to the border of map window, I had to put some non transparent pixels to keep it in the same place. That was not a problem for the isometric view.


I suppose we have a winner by default. Congratulations to Vladki , and thanks for taking part in this contest.


Ah its a shame to let such a simple design win. Yours is much better.

Where are all the excellent simuartists ?