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SRGC - Pixel Contest for Pak192.Comic - "Enriching the Landscape"

Started by Leartin, February 28, 2014, 12:40:54 PM

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Welcome to the Pak192.Comic Pixel Contest, an Simutrans Regular Graphic Contest (well, it was regular once, and might be again ;) )

Over the next month, until the first of April, you get a chance for glory and admiration by entering this contest with your own Simutrans graphic.
The topic is simple, "Enriching the Landscape", or to spell it out: Create a ground object so the grass is not that plain anymore.

The Rules:

  • Who can enter the contest?
    Anyone, multiple times, even if not registered on, who read, understood and agreed to these rules.
  • What do I have to do?
    Create an image that fits both the style of pak192.comic and the topic of the contest. Additionally, we encourage you to include further data, like a dat-file, info-text, ingame-mockup, but these are not obligatory.
  • Where do I post my creation?
    Please send them to along with the name you wish to be displayed in the game. Don't publish them elsewhere until the contest is over.
  • Will my picture become part of the pak?
    This is the purpose, so if there are no reasons not to include it (eg. wrong scale in relation to other objects, wrong style, ...) the answer is probably yes.
  • How do I win?
    After the nomination period, we'll start a voting on The image with the most votes is the winner.
  • What about the licence?
    We'll provide the next version of pak192.comic as CC-BY NC 3.0, so your work needs to go with that licence. Additionally, until the voting is over your work will be displayed without your name to ensure fair play.

  • How to start?
    Pixeling isn't hard to do or learn, but it might be time consuming. For absolute beginners, there are many tutorials for pixel art in general, I'd like to recommend this one:
    If you need help or have any questions about pak192.comic, you can visit the chat where most pak192.comic team members hang out, post your question in this thread or the Graphic Guide.


Attached are sample images made by myself, which could act as inspiration. As you can see, ground object can be as big as there tile, but also quite small. These are all three-dimensional object, but you might want to play around with a ground structure as well, like a flower meadow.
It would be nice to have at least a summer and winter image, but you might want to create an object which is only visible in certain seasons, like haystacks or a snowman.


Bumping this, as a reminder: About two more weeks to go. So far there was only one entry, you wouldn't want someone to win by default, would you? ;)


So, I guess it's time to reveal what I got:

(Mockup, not an actual screenshot)

So what can you see there?

  • Mysterious Footprint

    Although geologists are investigating that imprint for decades now, nobody was able to identify it's creator. Who might it be?
  • Beehive

    No description
  • Mystic Megalithic Grave

    This megalithic grave system was created according to the legend of the giant Lurd. Under the protection of boulders a treasure from the neolithic period is buried deep until today.
  • Wayside Cross

    In earlier times, wayside crosses were placed as a reminder at places where fatal accidents happened.
  • Marterl

    A Marterl is a christian shrine, a religios scene is depicted inside the niche. They are most commonly found in the alpine area.