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shortcut keys
« on: April 08, 2011, 11:03:12 AM »
Looking at shortcut keys in the pak, I see some inconsistencies:

1. both "plant trees" tool and "plant trees." dialog
have the same shortcut, but they are different tools.
More than that, this shortcut is character '�',
not found on my keyboard. Can you change it to a more
common character, like '$'? And "plant trees." dialog should
have a different shortcut, or nothing at all.

2. "Curiosity builder" and "toggle vehicle tooltips"
have the same shortcut '/', making the second one

However, we should ask a more general question:
Does the "map editing tools" be available to all players
(via key shortcuts)? If yes, we can define shortcuts to all
tools (e.g. factory builder, etc.) or, if not, we should remove
existing shortcuts for all these tools. This is a matter of taste,
but also a "cheat mode" in network games.

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Re: shortcut keys
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