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Too enthusiastic creation of new Production chains?

Started by Giziar, April 08, 2011, 06:34:03 PM

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Playing 110.0.1 (r4359) with a customary set Industry creation level at 32000 and up. (both in Simutrans - config as in Simutrans - pak - config)
However I have had 2 new production chains popping up already in my save eventhough the largest city is barely over 10.000.

Any clue why industries are popping up?


The 32000 is an itnernal counter. Are you sure you have not tons of homeless peoples in your cities? In that case the internal counter may be much higher.


Sorry to drag this thread up (eventhough I started it):

Am I correct then that there is no way to limit the amount of production chains popping up anymore?
I vaguely recall that in previous versions the line:
"# at which number of inhabitants we need a new market?
industry_increase_every = 32000"
worked quite nicely.

This post due to the fact that I can't keep up in my current game with the amount of industry chains appearing.


I will watch the replies as I too am interested in this.  

It was too many, and unrealistic, industry spawns during the forum game 'Ragoland challenge' two years ago that caused me to stop playing this game.  


This setting is now in, to allow a pak set specific setting. The old value in is no longer read. YOu can also change this in the extended settings when you open the "New WOrld" dialogue.