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The BRT system can help in Simutrans?

Started by sheldon_cooper, March 15, 2014, 10:34:38 PM

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hello! 'm new here on the forum but already some time simutrans game, I utiliso many more vehicles than trains, so I use quite BRT system. So, I'll leave these bus that supports 230 and 250 passengers. These bus was not me that fis, was my friend Anderson Vianna, here in Brazil.

I do not know posting download links, but I spent this link to a friend on facebook and he posted the file in a group simutrans facebook.



These graphics could be nice. In my opinion, they lack two major points : smooth lines (antialiasing) and light level consistency (sides facing West should be darker than ones facing South). Seeing the first picture, night colors of windows look screwed up too.


Thanks for the tip, I'll talk to Anderson! Here is a photo of the BRT buses RJ


Hello sheldon_cooper
It gives a Little problem the Downloadlink working not!
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has as someone offers to download the link to download no longer works?


hello !! I'm sorry, at the time, I did not have a fixed site to make uploads of files. but here it is: