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SMSC Poll: May - Large rail convoys

Started by vilvoh, May 21, 2011, 04:41:03 PM

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Which is the most beautiful screenshot about Large rail convoys?

Main train
0 (0%)
Gravity yard
4 (10.3%)
Colorful oil
6 (15.4%)
Bottleneck at Tobu
5 (12.8%)
5 (12.8%)
Coal trains crossing
8 (20.5%)
Coal train
11 (28.2%)

Total Members Voted: 36

Voting closed: May 29, 2011, 12:14:06 AM


Welcome to the Simutrans Monthly Screenshot Contest (SMSC) Poll.

This month's topic is Large rail convoys. Please vote for your favourite picture. You can only select one. The survey will be available for just one week. The winner will gets fame and glory at the Simutrans Community.

Candidates & Pictures

click on the names for fullsize images.

1. Main train..  japantrainfan - pak128
2. Gravity yard.. uci - pak128
3. Colorful oil..  Zeno - pak128
4. Bottleneck at Tobu..  ger - pak128 japan
5. Raciborz..  Emil Sawicki - pak64
6. Coal trains crossing..  alexbaettig - pak64
7. Coal train..  AEO - pak128.Britain

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vilvoh i fund in the second picture what that be strange it1
since what for a Simutransversion it enable splitt Trains without a depot?
Opening hours 20:00 - 23:00
(In Night from friday on saturday and saturday on sunday it possibly that i be keep longer in Forum.)
I am The Assistant from Pakfilearcheologist!
Working on a big Problem!


Thanks Vilvoh for re-naming my picture! It would have been a real confusion if there were two "coal trains" in the poll… and my suggestion for the name wasn't at all creative! But I thought I wrote that it was pak.german and not pak64 maybe you could change that…

Emil Sawicki

@greenling: there was uci's post, in which he wrote something like:
"This isn't real play...". I think, he meant that he arranged this situation especially for screenshot.
And here is answer to your question:
Extensions denied for complexity reasons (these changes would take so long to implement -and would break so many parts of the program- that the reward would not be worth the time invested)
- Disassembling and reassembling of trains (or other convoys) outside of depots, e.g. at a switching yard station
Simutrans 123, Windows 10

jap train fan

Its pak 128Britian by the way not pak 1281
I voted for Gravity yard. I didn't want to vote for my own as it seemed wrong.


And the winner is...

1st: Coal train..  AEO
2nd: Coal trains crossing..
3rd: Colorful oil..  Zeno

Congratulations, to all participants!!  ;)

Escala Real...a blog about Simutrans in Spanish...