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Great Britain simulation in Simutrans Experimental

Started by Carl, May 25, 2011, 03:43:48 PM

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After a break, some more progress to report. East Suffolk is approaching completion and I'm moving into Norfolk now. For those just joining - this map was originally completed in 2014. The current project is to update it to be more attractive, more realistic, and up to date. This involves a mixture of rebuilding cities, adding bus routes, and updating graphics.

Savegame link:
As ever, this will only work in Simutrans Experimental.

Ipswich. Two mainline services from Norwich to London pass. A Lowestoft train waits to depart in the northernmost platform, while a stopping service to London waits in the southernmost platform.

Beccles. Two East Suffolk Line trains from Ipswich to Lowestoft pass on this largely single-track route. The Class 170 shows updated graphics; the Class 156 has not yet been updated. Beccles has a bus service to Diss and will eventually have additional routes to Great Yarmouth and Norwich.

Full list of changes:
- Updated Greater Anglia Class 170, and added it to East Suffolk line diagrams
- Bury St Edmunds rebuilt
- Lowestoft & Waveney rebuilt
- Great Yarmouth rebuilt
- East Suffolk line rebuilt
- Diss rebuilt and GEML realigned between Stowmarket and Norwich
- Bus routes added: Bury St Edmunds-Sudbury, Haverhill-Sudbury, Saxmundham-Aldeburgh, Ipswich-Stowmarket, Lowestoft-Southwold, Diss-Beccles, Diss-Debenham


Nice, About time I get back to Simutrans and play it again.


I'm currently rebuilding Norwich from scratch. This one means a little more than most since I grew up there. Here it is in progress...using a bit of local knowledge to gradually build up the main roads radiating from the centre, before adding in minor roads.


And is Norwich, 1,376 buildings later. Not bad for an evening's work!

The road labels were useful as reference points for building, but I might leave them as they are.


Here's an update covering Norwich and most of Norfolk. Lots of rebuilding, lots of towns and buses added, and an updated train. The savegame and pak folder are here, for use with Simutrans Experimental.

This screenshot shows a broad view of Norfolk & Waveney: you can see Norwich at the top of the image, and Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth at the bottom. The brown road around Norwich is the NDR, which is currently under construction IRL. As you can see, this screenshot is at the end of the map - Lowestoft is the eastern-most point in the British Isles.

Here is North Norfolk - specifically, Cromer and Sheringham. A Bittern Line train is about to arrive at Cromer from the south, where it will reverse before heading to Sheringham. The line west of Sheringham is part of the heritage North Norfolk Railway. I've been building heritage tracks where they connect to the national network, but not running any trains on them.

Full list of changes:
- Greater Anglia Class 156 graphics updated
- Norwich and surrounds rebuilt
- Many towns and villages added in Norfolk and Waveney   
- Major water changes, with the Bure, Wensum and Waveney rivers rebuilt/added
- Bus routes added: Norwich>Loddon>Beccles>Lowestoft; Great Yarmouth>Caister>Hemsby>Martham; Great Yarmouth>Bungay; Norwich local buses to: Poringland, Horsford, Long Stratton, Mulbarton, Wroxham, NNUH, Wymondham, Blofield, Stalham, Taverham, Cromer, North Walsham, Sheringham, Aylsham, Holt


You never disappoint. In a couple of years a class 142 on the heritage line wouldn't look out of place, apparently they've almost all been bought by heritage railways.


Quote from: Lewis on July 26, 2017, 08:35:16 PM
...apparently they've almost all been bought by heritage railways.

Interesting - they are finally being replaced? I am sure that I saw some 143s in Cornwall only last month, but those are not quite the same as 142s, of course.
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The 143s are set to go as well. I think it's the once they've been faced out they'll transfer over. Which has to be done by 2020. I haven't heard of any plans for the 143s or 144s. Even then the 142s being bought is coming from a gaurd.


I think that Northern's forthcoming new trains are due to replace many Pacers, though I don't know if that leads to them all being taken out of service.


QuoteThe Rail Vehicle Accessibility (Interoperable Rail System) Regulations 2008 require that all public passenger trains must be accessible by 1 January 2020. No Pacer trains (except the prototype Class 144e) currently meet this requirement. Porterbrook has proposed an extensive refurbishment of the Class 143 and 144 units in an attempt to meet this requirement, although this would reduce the number of seats. Bidders for the next Northern rail franchise must not operate any Pacer trains after 31 December 2019.

QuoteAll 94 Class 142s will be withdrawn by the end of 2019, as their owner, Angel Trains, does not plan to have them extensively refurbished to comply with the Persons of Reduced Mobility Technical Specification for Interoperability (PRM-TSI).


As far As I am aware yes.

And the class 331s are to be used on electric services around Manchester and West Yorkshire:

Along with converted 319s to make them diesel and are reclassed as 769s:

And class 170s will join the fleet on top of further class 150, 156 and 158s.


There's a huge blockade at Birmingham New Street on the underground platforms, at in-game time 11:59:42, where convoy 2187 is using the same platform that convoy 1172 wants to use, and convoy 1949 is using the same platform that convoy 1285 wants to use, and convoy 1208 is using the same platform that convoy 1207 wants to use, and the resultant blockade has resulted in trains stacking up as far as Long Buckby, Sandwell & Dudley, Longbridge, Leamington Spa and Coleshill Parkway, with roughly 50-odd trains blocked.


Thanks, I'll check that out and try to fix it. I've been a bit distracted with other games recently but will make some more progress here soon.


I shall look forward to that. I've also started a map of my own. I give you full credit for inspiring me to do it.


On my first attempt to reproduce that blockage, I wasn't able to do so. Convoy 2187 made it through Birmingham unscathed. What version of Exp/Ext are you using, and do you have any further idea about where it triggers? (I ask because Birmingham blockages are often/usually a symptom of a problem somewhere else, rather than a root cause, since routes from all over the country meet there)


I had modified the WCML so the Northampton avoiding line was shut and then I reopened it so it probably was a byproduct of that.


All quiet on this front recently as my attention has been diverted by other things. I expect to return soon, and when I do, there is a lot waiting for me. A very small part of the to-do list:

- Thameslink changes including full fleet change to Class 700s
- New franchises - South Western Railway and West Midlands Trains/London Northwestern - though not too much practical impact of these yet except for the new class 707s
- Ordsall Chord opening

This is a promissory note, but expect to see some action in the coming weeks and months.



I have done the SWR Class 444 (attached below)

If anyone wants to do it, it's quite simple as there are only 2 colours and it roughly follows the old SWT livery.


Good stuff, thanks! I think that's based on an older version of the base 444 - this one's probably the most recent.

I think you could probably also use a little less contrast on the colours (see


Welcome back everyone after are quiet 3 months!

Could we possibly see  updated source files whilst your updating other things?  ;)


I'm not sure if there are too many updates to the British Trains source files since the last update, but I'll take a look this weekend.


A long four-month wait, but here's a new update! Updates to Suffolk and Norfolk are now done, and I've made a big dent in Cambridgeshire with an update to Cambridge - including adding the new station, Cambridge North.

Download with save file and pak folder:


Thetford Forest, Thetford, and Brandon

- Updated Great Northern Class 365 graphics
- Added Cambridge North station. Only the GA Norwich service calls here at the moment. In order to add the Kings Cross and Liverpool Street services I need to make major changes to the ECML/WAML diagrams. I'll do that next.
- Areas without train service added, like Mildenhall and Lakenheath, with buses
- Places rebuilt including: Cambridge, Kings Lynn, Dereham, Swaffham, Hunstanton, Thetford, Attleborough, Newmarket, Wymondham
- Bus lines added including: Kings Lynn to Wells and Gayton, Thetford to Bury, Wymondham to Watton, Cambridge to Haverhill, Newmarket to Bury, Mildenhall to Thetford. More Cambridge buses to come (including deciding what to do about the busway).

The one thing I still want to add in Norfolk is a loco-hauled service to Great Yarmouth.

How to use the download
Add the save file to your Simutrans/Save directory. Add pak.ngb folder to your paksets location.

As ever you will need a legacy Simutrans-Experimental executable (11.35) to run this. I know I ought to make the map compatible with Simu-Extended at some point. I'll need an abundance of time to make that happen, however, and so far the idea of doing that has always seemed less attractive than just updating the map.


Yay, update! I love the new towns and cities and the Trees! We need golf courses next!  ;) Also be quick with the Loco Hauled Services, GA doesn't want to keep them when they get there new fleet.


I'd love to do golf courses! They get everywhere they make up 10% of Woking, for example! But they are not at all simple to pull off in a satisfactory way in Simutrans. Maybe I'll figure out a solution one day.


Hows it going Carl, also, when will my liveries be implicated for the routes that are on the GB map?


Time for another update, in which we make progress in renewing Cambridgeshire and Essex, and move to Hertfordshire.

Download link:

This screenshot shows Hertford in the top left, with Great Northern lines passing through Hertford North and the West Anglia branch terminating at Hertford East. Harlow is in the bottom right, and Broxbourne and Hoddesdon are in the middle.

Full list of changes:
- Greater Anglia Class 317 updated
- Greater Anglia and Great Northern timetables updated at Cambridge, to include Cambridge North terminators
- Cambridge to Stansted service added
- Several non-railway towns added with buses: including Soham, Chatteris, Sawston, Cottenham
- Many west anglia towns rebuilt, including March, Harlow, Bishop's Stortford, Hertford, Broxbourne, Ware, and Hatfield
- Stansted Airport updated

The plan now is to work my way back up the East Coast Main Line towards Cambridge and Peterborough, and thereby eventually finish the rest of Cambridgeshire.


Time for a bumper update. The rest of East Anglia, including Peterborough, is now rebuilt and updated. This update also brings a repaint for the East Coast Class 91/Mk4 trains into the Virgin livery. I have to admit this comes with some regret for me, as I do like the old GNER navy livery, and it reminds me of travelling to and from university.

Next up? the rest of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire, then on to Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire. While I'm heading into Thameslink land next, I won't be updating the routes and trains until the big Thameslink timetable revolution later this year. Same goes for the Great Northern 387s.

Save game link:

This screenshot shows Peterborough, which is (in my view) larger than you'd think...

This screenshot shows a large portion of Cambridgeshire, with Cambridge in the bottom right, and the East Coast Main Line running along the top, from Biggleswade to Huntingdon.

Here's the full changelog from this update:
- Class 91/Mk4 updated into Virgin East Coast livery
- Doncaster station - new platform added
- Towns rebuilt include: Welwyn Garden City, Stevenage, Letchworth, Royston, Sandy, Biggleswade, St Neots, Huntingdon, Cambourne, St Ives, Peterborough, Wisbech, Bourne
- Bus routes added include: Hertford-Royston, St Neots-Huntingdon, Cambridge-Cambourne, Cambridge-Huntingdon (including busway), Huntingdon-Ramsey, Peterborough local routes, Peterborough-Huntingdon, Norwich-Peterborough, Norwich-Lowestoft, Peterborough-Bourne. Some of the bus routes in Hertfordshire/Bedfordshire need to wait until I've rebuilt St Albans, Luton and Bedford.

As a bonus, here's 3 shots of Peterborough station showing the range of trains that pass through. We see East Coast, Great Northern, CrossCountry, Hull Trains, and East Midlands Trains. Also one Greater Anglia train per two hours, though that's not in these images.

Peterborough had actually already been rebuilt once - after I finished the map in 2014, I added a few bus routes in this area. But I deemed this not good enough, so the town didn't escape a second rebuild...