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New Nightlys

Started by wernieman, September 13, 2008, 07:26:39 PM

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a bad mingw32 update on my gentoo-server (linux) demolate my windows-cross-compiler.

so since 2 days there a no windows-nightlys.

Today I repair it, but only with an gcc4.

So .. can you test it??? Please!!

There was no problem with the linux-nightlys!

I hope you understand my English


I just started it and closed from menu, but nothing seems amiss :)

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I've tested r2014 GDI and SDL versions with pak64 and pak128. I loaded an old savegame and they work well... :)

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The only version I can get is still from before the crash - so I wouldn't expect it to behave any different. Have you guys found a newer version, that I'm unable to find?
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I've used 2008-09-11_v100.1_r2014, the one currently available in the website. At the end of it there's a changelog record and it says Last change: Sep 13 2008 04:01 so I guess that's the last version the nightly server compiled.

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When I open the zip, the .exe I find has a time stamp from Sep 11 - so I guess that's the old one.
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Yeah I assume wernieman is wanting to test r2015 or above for Windows and the only way to do that currently  is from source.

I have the source for r2020 currently sitting on my Windows Machine but I'm not quite sure what to do to compile it.

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Unfortunately, there is still schedule dialog problem with gcc4 which was reported before.


With the Windows build (SDL, rev. 2020), I got a crash "access violation" when trying to use the options menu when it was obscured (buttons invisible) by the schedule dialog problem (that z9999 mentioned).

The Linux builds do not work since rev. 2018 due to source code problems:
===> CXX In static member function 'static bool karte_t::get_height_data_from_file(const char*, sint8, sint8*&, sint16&, sint16&, bool)': warning: converting to non-pointer type 'bool' from NULL error: 'endian_sint32' was not declared in this scope warning: converting to non-pointer type 'bool' from NULL
make: *** [simworld.o] Error 1


The error will only happen on non-Intel processors ... thus werniman should be not affected by this.


The error message is from his website, the nightly builds failed because of that.


The gcc on the Maschine (a Intel PIII!!!) send this eror with the Linux-Nightlys. The Windos-Nightlys (V2020) was compiled well.

There was an Error with the Nightlys compiled on a GCC 4 and winsdl. So some menüs could not be used ....

On weekend I could no testet it .......

I get the mingw-gcc-3.4.6 to run ....

so when there is tomorrow a new simutrans-version, it will be compiled with mingw32-gcc-3!

I hope it work O.K. ... and we loose the grafik error!

Thanks or testing!
I hope you understand my English


I've just noticed the "overpatch for r2022". I've downloaded it but it doesn't seem any different that the original r2022 which has the tops of the the 'Schedules' missing.
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yesterday manuel compiling with the overpatch I use the wrong compiler for windows

next night there will be a new version of the nightlys, but not with the overpatch.

I hope you understand my English