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Cannot get goods chain to work.

Started by Askedal, June 10, 2011, 02:43:50 PM

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I'm playing the newest Nightly (110.0.2-4593) with Pak128.Britain (451). I saved the demo game and now try to use one of the companies (Ascedal Inc.).
Unfortunately I'm not able to get one of the goods chains (Sheepfarm -> Textile Mill -> Clothes shop) to work.
I have trains from the sheep farm to the textile mill and from there to a transfer station. From there a truck is used to bring the clothes to the shop. But none of these trains/truck is carrying anything.

Sheepfarm: Melchester Sheep Farm yard
Textile Mill: Melchester Town railway station
Transfer Station: Casterbridge Exchange railway station
Shop: Eastham

What is wrong here ?

You can download the savegame hier .

Many thanks and best regards



Most likely this is not a pak128.Britain problem:

Check out the following things:

- Has the sheep farm a contract with the textile mill (does it consider it to be consumer?)
- Are the stations at the sheep farm and the textile mill enabled for goods?
- Has the train wagons of the right type, e.g. can they carry wool?

Most likely one of these three is missing.
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