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Author Topic: Spartanis's line markings wayobject idea  (Read 2785 times)

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Spartanis's line markings wayobject idea
« on: August 23, 2011, 07:55:07 AM »
While i'm here.. I come across a new problem, totally unrelated to the building as above. I created a road pak, now i wanted to create "line marking" pak to paint over the roads (I know its sounds silly, but....its the best way for me to learn and understand the possibilties of simutrans add on pak'ing). Of course, there be different colours and style of these line markings (edge of road lines, Dashed lines in middle, Stop Lines, Give way Lines. Etc etc)

After much reading, it seems the best place to put this Line Marking tool is WAYOBJ. Since its purely "eye-candy".

Think placing two lines of road next to each other, making one road heading east, and the south road heading west... or to the US and French players, the other way around lol

With signals, one can place the on-entry (making it one way) at stragetic points of the road (my design would be a white arrow marking onto the road surface, but that will be done later after i worked out the Line Marking idea...)

According to dat reference in all sites (including the german wiki-tiki-niki!) I create the dat file accordingly...(using the Trollybus electric waytype)

The Dat file states:
Code: [Select]
icon=> image11.0.0
etc etc....

Makeobj works.. but when running simutrans and using the tool. You can see its been Created as you click along the line of the road (money amount appears just above the area) but the line marks DOES NOT APPEAR!!.. O_o

I even changed the following:-
Code: [Select]
But that doesnt work either.

Then i tried:-
Code: [Select]
yup.. you guessed it.. didnt work as well...

I can only think of two things:-
1) Dat file specifications are wrong
2) my image paints are wrong (maybe it needs to be a pixel higher?)

Any suggestions??


Further reading at this page Changes in version 89.02 (Signals, way-object etc.) shows that:-

"this new object has both front and back images for *all* directions, crossings etc."


"The images for Obj=way-object are in the exact same format as images for a normal way, there are just two sets, FrontImages and BackImages."

It is clear now where i went wrong, for i have tilecutted mine as backimages only.. Brb.. testing this out...

EDIT: Problem solved. Thanks to the good old Archives!!! :P
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Re: Re: Project pakSpartan: City Hall progress.
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2011, 09:04:27 PM »
EDIT: Problem solved. Thanks to the good old Archives!!! :P

I'm glad these are still coming in useful :)

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Re: Re: Project pakSpartan: City Hall progress.
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2011, 06:26:13 AM »
I'm glad these are still coming in useful :)

Indeed!!... took a while to find it though, my search skills isnt all that cracked up to be. It would be nice that a website created to show the indepth detail of everything you need to know about creating add-on, chaptered style of course.

Sure, the German Wiki-Tiki has it, but it has Language translation problems (My browser auto does it) in some pages, and it takes awful long time to load up!! Also it appears to have 1/4 of the required information written up on each subject. well.. i DO feel alot of information has not been written into, say, Way Dat Reference page.

I only go there as a last resort. But anyways.. archives is the way to go, read other people's problems, and read other people's solution... :P