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Starting new game - city area problem?

Started by Milko, July 27, 2011, 09:59:58 AM

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I do not think it's a real bug and I do not know if the behavior is wanted, but I noticed that:

New game, default configuration, timeline on, starting year 1920: the cities that are created have a relatively small area.

New game, default configuration, timeline on, starting year 1930: the cities that are created have a very large area even if the number of inhabitants is very similar to the previous case.

I think the problem is due to the fact that for a period of time (which also falls to 1930) the houses are all available at low densities, so the game to get the amount of typical population must create very large cities.



I believe you are correct, Giuseppe.  Would you like to try your hand at drawing some Art Deco era medium- and high-density residential buildings?


WLindley is entirely correct in both respects - any contributions of suitable buildings would be very welcome indeed! I can provide Blender files of buildings to adapt if anyone is interested.
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In designing aircraft I think I get good results, but I have no artistic skills necessary to be able to draw some nice buildings ....

PS just this week I went back to work at BAC 111 .... I'm going on vacation for two weeks, but hope to finish by the end of August.