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Second Chances

Started by Roads, April 04, 2012, 07:49:20 PM

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Having been single for 20 years I've gotten into trouble a few times giving women second chances.  I imagine some would say the same about me but enough of this intro to the actual subject I intended.  At any rate, I'm still a believer in second chances.  What about a contest later on for the entries in this month's contest to see how the cities have progressed?  This month's losers (in which I actually consider none losers because they are all terrific), might be next contest's winner.

EDIT:  Just fixed my grammar a bit.

Isaac Eiland-Hall

I think one of the major constraints on the monthly contests is that ideas are hard to come by... so I think this is a great idea. :-)

Also, perhaps we can steal a page from the SimCity community and their City Journals, telling about the growth of cities and whatnot... I have now added this to my list of things to do when I have a chance. Maybe it's something that could take off, as this contest shows that we also have some of this warm feeling toward our maps :)


instead of city growth, it might be more interesting to write about why the network grew and why certain vehicles were chosen.
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Quote from: ӔO on April 04, 2012, 09:15:08 PM
instead of city growth, it might be more interesting to write about why the network grew and why certain vehicles were chosen.

I've always wished there was these kinds of "journals", there's a few of the kind over at the House of the Evil Twin (tt-forums, that is, so to say), but perhaps not as many as would be ideal. It is unfortunate that there is not so much interest in things of the kind on here.


I think why the network grew and what vehicles were chosen could be considered as "whatnot."  Actually I would be interested to know why people choose the vehicles they do, that is one of my weakest areas, I always just click on what looks like the best deal for the money.  If I ever get rich maybe I'll spring for some of the "lookers." :)


With another couple games I participate in, we have separate topics in the forums for roleplay where we describe our ideals about a company, action, etc. For simutrans it could be for the whole game or just separate cities or whatnot


I don't have any strong feelings either way (meaning I wouldn't complain) about separating role play and non role play.  However, I will say this; it is difficult for me to stick to only role play talk and only non role play talk.  As an example, which is not exactly a parallel but similar is online RPG's.

However, Transporter, you make me wonder if the RP talk is a problem for some people.  I just assumed it wasn't but well, you know, assumptions get you into trouble all the time.