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New Graphics Contest in Autumn?

Started by sdog, August 01, 2011, 06:08:13 PM

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Should we have another go at a graphics contest this autumn?

The last one had only one submission (which was excellent by the way), i'd rather ask first if there is interest in participating in a new contest. If that's so, let's brainstorm on the theme, schedule and rules for the contest.


It was the first time, I think we should keep on trying ;)

For this time, I would suggest citycars. Simple vehicles to fill the cities: post vans, firemen trucks, police cars, ambulances, ice cream vans, garbage trucks, parades, etc... People usually creates more vehicles than buildings, seem easy to them, I don't know why.

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I would suggest boats.
also, last time it coincided with the end of the school year, so that might have been a factor.
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Quote from: vilvoh on August 01, 2011, 07:29:28 PM
People usually creates more vehicles than buildings, seem easy to them, I don't know why.
They're smaller and less detail needed, thus easier.
I'd vote for a vehicle, if asked.


There was a consensus last discussion to have a building first, than a vehicle. I think we should stick to that, a vehicle definitely.

Vilvoh, i'm not so sure about the city cars, they don't offer a lot of challenge i think, might be difficult to rate also.

AEO: Several pak sets really need some modern small pax ferries. Something for example like this
as far as i could tell, only pak64 has something comparable atm.


That is an excellent idea for a competition. I know that Pak128.Britain is in great need of 20th/21st century passenger ferries.
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I think that a ferry or little boat passenger is an excellent idea too ! And why not more traditional also ? Like this ?

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certainly mEGa, the one shown above was just a (semi-) random example. I chose it since i've been on it in Hamburg. I'd say anything built after perhaps 1970 should be fair. It has to be for short range ferry service, not a car ferry over the baltic sea or a ferry from Krite to Athina. But something like in Hamburg, New York, København, Istanbul etc

Your example of the Île d'Yeu ferry would also fit very well (30km trip)


What would be a good timeline?
Should we allow about 3 months, or only two months, so we have enough time to run a contest over the x-mas season?

If noone objects, the ferrryboat is the object this time.


With my recent experiment ;-), I can tell that 2 months is enough. It's a contest isn't it !
So, I Think that a Xmas contest is a good idea
Current projects in progress : improvements of few designed french paks


I also think two months it's enough time.

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ok, let's kick it off then. I shall write an introduction when i got a bit more time on hand.
End: 31 October, topic: ferry boats