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Search function in SimuTranslator

Started by Color42, November 07, 2008, 01:02:10 AM

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Hi, guys

I have a question inregards to Simutranslator, I have almost completed the base text for swedish its 94% now if I remeber right.
How ever there are a few glitches that I need to workout like lenght of text in some area's and so on.
What I'm wondering is if there is a search funtion I can use to find my way to a specific pice of text?
As it is now I'm not 100% on how to find my way around the diffrent texts.

So yesterday I started on sorting out the text's and since I couldnt find a search option for specific pices of text I'm havening trouble finding my way back to parts that I need to change/fix.
I try'ed to just edit the with a regular word editor where you have the "find" option, but once I saved it and try'ed to get Simutrans to read the file it wound't.
I guess the check sums didnt match or maybe the word editor saved it in the wrong format?

So I'm wondering is there any tool I can use offline to edit/search the text's or is there a feature in the online version that could help me out.
How have the rest of the translation teams worked around this issue?


If there is no search function could it possible be a feature request for the translation tool or would it mean to much coding work?


untranslating texts list under 'Browse Texts -> List un-Translated Texts'

I have your rights so that you can upload texts.


I would suggest to send the file me for upload, since I do usually some sanity checks and archive the old version. After Upload, simutranslator will show the missing translation under browse text.


Ok, guys let just recap to make sure I got it right.
I can edit it offline and then send it to Prissi to merge with the rest of the translations?
And if I would upload a text my self wouldnt it cause the same problem I had when it wouldnt read the file?

Thanks In advance


If you have any doubts it is probably easiest to go via me or Frank.