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Freahking Vehicles and more
« on: September 28, 2016, 11:59:36 AM »
Hey there,
I am running a little Simutrans Server. When we were missing some trains or noticed that some vehicles don't fit our playstyle or are inbalanced, we just started to create or modify these.
I want to share this work with you in this channel.
Most of the trains are just recolored to playercolor and provide an alternative balancing. However, we also created some new Vehicles.
The add on Collection will just contain vehicles that are published under a license that permits me to publish these.

Currently it contains:
-ICE1, it's Harus ACE1. I just changed the dat for longer trains (12 cars per train)
-ICE2, basically Harus ACE1 just with a new dining car and a Cab Car
-ICE G, a semi fictional cargo version of the ICE1, based on the Haru ACE1.
-ICE3 407 / VelaroD, it's Flemmbrav's work, I just changed some details.
-VelaroD Post, a fictional mailversion of the ICE3. A half train can be coupled with a half Passenger train. Same here, it's Flemmbravs work, I just changed a bit more than just details ;)
-Haru e3 komachi, basically just a rebalanced version of Harus work that can drive its top speed. I also created the new 6th car that was built a few years after the e3.
-Eurostar e320, the Eurostar version of the Velaro, based on Flemmbravs Velaro but I had to change nearly everything.
-ETR 1000, aka V300 Zefiro, aka Frecciarossa 1000 aka ETR 400
  an italian high speed train operation at 350 or 360 km/h in Italy.
  this train is NOT my work. It was created by Fetz123 who nicely asked my to also publish his work here.
  Also he didn't do the whole work. It's a modified AGV made by Gauthier.
-VelaroCN, a player color repainted ICE3 made by Psycho, operating in China at 380 km/h
-IR-4, an electrical version of the ic-3, the ic-3 was made by haru and is contained in the pak128.
-x-2000, basiacally just a rebalanced version of harus work. It also contains a mail car.

Coming soon Will take a while, maybe even never:
-Velaro-G, a fictional cargo version of the Velaro.
-Velaro-Cargo, a non fictional version of the Velaro as it could be ordered by Carex for future high speed rail cargo service in europe

Currently I'm working at mail repaints of existing pak128 and SNFOS cars and the DB IC2

Download links:
ICE1 and 2:,2.rar
Eurostar e320:

Link to the thread in the german Simutrans forum:

@our French Friends: This Collection contains the Eurostar e320 operation in France. If you want to you can link to this collection on your SNFOS page or re upload the files there.

Edit: updated the download link
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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2016, 04:21:44 PM »
At first glance, these trains look nice. Now I have to test them in game ;)
Trains operating in France will surely be uploaded on SNFOS ! Thanks  :D

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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2016, 05:34:09 PM »
Thank you very much Gauthier.
Maybe, one day there will even be a version using Zenos balancing tool.

After a while, I updated my first post, so you can find download links for each train there.

The following image will give you a short look on my mail car repaints.
Sadly some of the trains seen there were shared on the japenese Simutrans page using an unknown license so I don't know if I am allowed to share the changes :(
This affects the ICE-TD and the ICE-T as well as some other trains.

Since I didn't paint any of these trains completely from scratch, i will mention the original author of these.
From bottom to the top these are the Eurostar E300 without mail (Zeno), TGV001 with mail cars (Gauthier), BR103 with german IC coaches and mail (Haru, Fetz123), ICE-TD with mail (Psycho), x-2000 with mail (Haru), TGV Duplex (Gauthier), VelaroD/ICE3 407 with mail (Flemmbrav), ICE-T with mail (Psycho), Eurostar E320 (it's based on the Velaro which is basically Flemmbravs work)

Well what do you think about these fictional mail cars and how could I make them look better?

The Duplex isn't changed graphically yet, i just used the dining car as a mail car, but I included it to show the idea of a splitted duplex car that carries mail in the lower floor and passengers in the upper. I think this idea is really great so I wanted to share it with you. Also, it's some kind of recycling the dining cars that (at least on my server) nobody uses.

The ICE-T and ICE-TD without my mail car cen be found there:

If anyone knows how I can contact the author of these ICE trains, please let me know so I can ask him for permissions to share the mail cars with you.
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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #3 on: May 07, 2021, 12:57:37 PM »
Hello. I want to play with your add-ons, but apparently the links seems to be missing. Can you re upload it?

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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #4 on: May 07, 2021, 09:01:17 PM »
Oh, these might be somewhere on my backup HDD.
I'll have a look at this next week.

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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2021, 05:28:52 PM »
Omg that stuff makes me feel nostalgic.
In case you want my two trains that should fit in the style as well, download the .pak files from these two threads here:

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Re: Freahking Vehicles and more
« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2021, 10:20:39 AM »
Thank you for sharing those two paks!