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Assertion failed: Logic = NULL, file dings/ line 52

Started by Askedal, August 10, 2011, 03:05:21 PM

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I can reproduce an assertion with this steps:
Nightly 110.0.2 r4692

Build two parallel tracks of "Concrete Sleeper Track (160 km/h)" (some quares are enough) and then
build a street (road_50) over both tracks. When you then try to build a tram track (Tramway Track 50 km/h)
over it, the program closes with a

Assertion failed: Logic = NULL, file dings/ line 52

Best regards


Crash should be fixed with r4768.

Remaining issues:
1) Subsequently removing the tram track doesn't put the crossings back.
2) Build road across 4 parallel tracks. Build tram tracks only on center two crossings. Outside crossings remain linked with a single crossing_logic_t.
Is removing the crossings really the best approach to this?



I confirm, that the issue was solved in the newest nightly build.
Many thanks!