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Simutrans Resources Index
« on: October 20, 2008, 03:38:32 AM »
Simutrans Resources

Here you will find resources that may help you to develop new add-ons or to add new features to Simutrans.


Graphic archive
 :arrow: | Discussion topic
Our graphic library. Templates, pieces and palettes for development of new graphics for add-ons.

Maps Simutrans
 :arrow: | Discussion topic
Map repository. You can download maps you can add to Simutrans.

Music and sounds
 :arrow: Sound board in Forum Archive
An old Sound board in Forum Archive.

Menu skins
Customize appearance of your Simutrans.

SVN pakset sources repository
Contains the sources of the current open paksets over Artistic License (pak64, pakttd and pak128.Britain)

Addon references
 :arrow: (Wiki on addons in EN, DE, CZ, PT, IT, SV)
 :arrow: most uptodate reference (but japanese)
 :arrow: reference in CZ
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