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Challenge for anyone who feels like it

Started by Kgm13, September 11, 2011, 03:34:16 AM

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hey guys very long time to see, i have a challenge for anyone who feels like trying to beat me ;)
well heres a very early map in 64X64 pak 128 on 110.0.1 expand the map and have fun add what ever you like =) and post it
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This challenge would be better
- In the arena
- with defined objectives/rules

Having thought about this small map I am going to give it a go with these personal objectives:

Primary Objectives:
1.Coal to Power Station
- Connect all 5 mines to the Power Station
- Fully understand relationship between total Coal output and Power station demand for coal
- Learn how Electricity supply increases coal output and if it helps city in any way

2.City Population
- Double population in each city and half the number of buildings (Currently: Inv' 13510pop/172build, Her' 2194/28, Stir'1808/31)
- Learn how to contain City Size (stop it expanding over bigger area)

Secondary Objectives:
3. Passenger Rating = >80% (currently 27%)
4. Mail to be carried
5. Lakes filled in
6. HQ Built

The first Coal train is about to load but whats this? These two coal mines have different production rates yet the amount of coal ready at each station is the same, 170tonnes. How?

Closer examination shows the mines have not produced this coal in the few seconds the game has been running. They have each transferred 170 coal from their previously mined reserves of 300. That leaves another 130 in reserve.  Well actually a bit more and here the differences in production rates do show up. The larger Coal Mine has mined 2, making its reserves 132, the smaller mine shaft mined 1 making reserves 131.
I need to track production to ensure total coal mined does indeed match the production rate stated on the industry.


Coal mine production does match the quantity stated on the Industry.  

In total the five mines on this map have an output of 650 tonnes per month.

I tracked the coal supplies at the Power Station. At the beginning of each month I paused the game and recorded the stock level, took into account deliveries and worked out consumption of coal by the power station.  It has been 605-609 per month.  The industry consumption rate is stated as 50% so the numbers check out quite accurately. The power station is outputting 1,224 per month using 50% of a coal per unit output ie ~612 coal per month.

This means the map is well balanced between coal output and coal consumption.  It will take around 15 years to oversupply the power station!

Connecting the biggest mine to the Power Station electricity supply has caused the Coal mine production to increase from 210 to 406. An increase of 93%. 
The amount of coal mined and available for loading onto the trains increase appropriately. I needed to adjust the 'Wait until %' full orders to keep the line running correctly.
The powerstation did NOT consume any more coal now that it was supplying electricity to the coal mine.

I didn't try to connect the Powerstation to the Cities.  Review of the forum suggests that it has no effect in Pak128.



Ive turned my attention to control of the cities.  During the time I was sorting out the coal trains I ignored cities.  They grew in population, which is good for my objective, but they also expanded, which is not good for my objective of reducing city space occupied.

And its not easy.  Cash earnings on this small map are not high and demolishing city buildings is expensive. Pak128 seems to generate less money than Pak64.  I am struggling with debt and finding time has to pass before earnings allow a few more £10,000 cost (or more) demolitions.

Here I notice that the City Hall counts as 4 buildings.  There are 27 city buildings yet the display counts 30 buildings. Similar at Stirling - town hall occupies 4 tiles so counts as 4 buildings.

I have to get Hereford down to 14 buildings as it started with 28. The game has added 8 and ive demolished 6. So Hereford is +2, Sterling is -4, Inverness +7. Overall +5 buildings. My objective is to demolish 116.  So 121 to go :-[ Not sure Im going to stick to this.



wow, well ive got a week off work soon so, ill show my progress then =)
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Look forward to seeing what you do Kgm13.

In my play I saw blue writing on the line description. For months I thought it was due to efficient transporting of all the Coal.  Then one day I noticed the train bulk wagons for coal could be updated so I think the blue was a warning that upgrades were possible.  Once upgraded the train seemed to accelerate a bit quicker.  Is it because there is one fewer wagons and thus less friction?

I have reduced the number of coal trains from 5 to 4. They cope well and no coal production goes to waste.  Stockpile at the power station now exceeds 6,000 so I need to change something or else I will experience fluctuations in coal demand once the stockpile reaches 8,000.

The first of my 3 cities has reached the objective I set for myself.  Hereford has halved its buildings and doubled population.  Objective of just 14 buildings, 6 of which were taken up by town hall (4) and 2x monuments, that left just 8 plots. I had begun to wonder if those 8 could become big enough, when last game month the town hall upgraded and bumped the population up to the required  number.

Sterling is not far behind...just got to grow a bit more.  Inverness is long way to go yet.  Ive been demolishing buildings for years. 4 more to demolish then the size is right - just have to grow it then.  Could look cool at the end - a city of tall buildings.

Question: I heard cities grow fast as they become bigger.  What population size triggers faster growth?

I finished the game by achieving the objectives I set.  Doubling the population of the larger city took the longest. Far longer than anything else.  Gave me plenty of time to see a range of vehicles and to deal with the new Oil>Gas industry chain that appeared.

There were three issues for me during the game:
1) Mail carried was never high. At best around 50%. Passengers were 99%+.  I just couldn't work out why and suspect the demolition of 50%+ of the buildings after having brought them first was a factor.
2) HQ could not be upgraded in the place I wanted (a 3x3 area of land that was originally not flat). A patch has been created.
3) One city just would not grow population at all. My fault! Somehow I had clicked the 'allow city growth' button and turned off growth.

My save:

(Available for a couple of months)