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r2114 - New map window don't use default.sve but current map

Started by z9999, November 13, 2008, 09:01:04 AM

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simutrans r2114 GDI

I don't know this is a problem or not.

How to reproduce:
1. Start simutrans
2. Click "StartGame" button and start new game
3. Open "options/Load" window and load a saved game
4. Open "options/New map" window

New map setting are not default.sve setting  but current map setting.


With this behaviour you can easily start a new game with the settings of a saved one. Maybe it's even a feature  :)

Has this behaviour changed with the enlarge map patch? Then I will have a look at it, if it's not the intended behaviour.


This problem don't happen in this case.

1. Start simutrans
2. Click "Load" button and load a saved game
3. Open "options/New map" window

New map setting is default.sve

Quote from: gerw on November 13, 2008, 09:08:54 AM
Has this behaviour changed with the enlarge map patch?

Maybe not. thanks.


In priciple this is a feature, i.e. using the last setting. We can discuss how to make it consistently, because the current inconsistent setting is an error. What setting is preferred? ALsways default.sve or always from current map (and maybe update default.sve accordingly).


I would say:
The setting of the loaded/current map ... so it is easy to understand for the user
I hope you understand my English


I have no preference, but I think current default.sve system has a problem with using multiple pak set.
I think it might be better that each pak set has each default climate settings.
And having "set default" button on window, instead of deleting default.sve might be better.


I would consider the following:

First use settings of the loaded map (on the initial window I would use the default settings).
If the user press the button "load defaults" then the defaults.sve from the pak*/ folder are loaded (if they doesn't exist load the standard defaults.sve)

Is this ok?


If we would use loaded/current map setting, defaults.sve is useless.
Defaults.sve sometimes stores wrong settings, and it causes many problems which were reported many times in forum - wrong number of climate, too many numbers of factory, etc.
Beginners don't know what is wrong and how to repair it.

This is the reason that I suggest "reset default" to pak specific default value from text files.