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[know bug] sold vehicles appear in lines during pause mode

Started by gauthier, November 11, 2008, 06:57:42 PM

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Simutrans 100.1 r2086 SDL with pak128

These buses have been sold in a depot but I see them in lines manager.


As long as they have a schedule and a valid convoi handle, they will be shown.


Just tested: If sold they disappear. Probably you did not sold them but just switched them away. Use the arrow marks in the depot (and the text should indicate like 4 convois in depot or so).


I have sold them, I'm sure. The depot has shown me "x vehicles" and I have all sold.


I am sure you have not sold them; I tested several times: When sold the convoi will not be shown (otherwise the game would crash). When you click on them and the depot window will open, then they are not yet sold.


maybe they are in a different depot - other than expected? I've sold sooooooo many vehicles and had never encountered this phenomenon ...  ;D



I have loaded my savegame again and vehicles was here but their name are written in white and when I click on them, I see the bus in the depot. Befor reloade my savegame, vehicle's name was written in yellow and when I clicked on it, I had the vehicle window, as it was running, but witheout the little picture where the vehicle is seen (in the vehicle window).

EDIT : Oh have understood, I sold my buses in pauses mode, when I makes the time run again, vehicles disappear.


You and the pause mode -a never ending story, huh?  ;D
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